Sam was walking down the aisle towards him, her dress glowing and white, her hair piled in a bun, her eyes bright. He stood at the alter, his skin pale against his black suit, the scars on his neck visible; but the happiness of his smile shunned those scars.

The surroundings were beautiful; Sam and Chris had taken up on the farm woman's offer of having their wedding by the man made lake they owned. It was being held under a large pear tree, one with leaves green and luscious. She joined him under it's shelter, their hands entwining.

It would have been the perfect moment; but as we've established before, life had a thing for Sam. And perfect didn't really fit her and Chris so at that very moment, a partridge fell off a tree, making loud noises and scurrying away. The crowd, along with Sam burst into laughter.

"That's what our love is like," Sam smiled up at Chris, pulling him down for their first kiss as husband and wife, "Full of surprises. Don't tell me you expected a partridge to fall out of a pear tree on our wedding day."

"I don't care how many surprises come our way, Sam," Chris smiled, touching his forehead with her's, "I'm back from the war, I've served my country and you love me. I'm content."