I completely own. These places are real, what happened was real, but the people are not…

In the train cart it was cold and crowded. I could see my breath. The ice chills made the hair on my arm go up, going through the thick layers of clothing deep into my skin, making me shiver.

My mother and little sister looked outside the window. Watching the dead, snow covered tree's go by. My sister's on my mothers lap; her full brown hair sticking up from where she laid on my mom's chest. My mother's dark brown curly hair was in the same long curls only with gray taking over most of her hair now. Her eyes, deep ocean blue; that you see rarely on anyone, were worried; which made mine do the same.

"Mommy, what's wrong?" asked my little sister, Yakira.

"Nothing, honey, take a little nap; you haven't slept in a while, Yakira."

Yakira nodded and closed her hazel eyes.

"Adalia?" whispered Abraham, a close friend, asked me.

I looked at him. "Yes?"

"Eat this." he gave me a little piece of his bread.

"No, Abraham-" I started but he interrupted me.

"You gave your last piece of bread to Yakira. You have nothing to eat and haven't eaten all day, here. Just a piece."

My stomach growled when I started to say no again. I sighed, my hunger lasting more then my stubbornness. "Thank you." I whispered.

I took the little piece and ate it.

Abraham took my hand in his, warming them.

I could feel my face heat up. "Thank you." I whispered again.

He smiled and rubbed my hands more.

His brown blond hair curled at the end; his brown eyes were soul deep; his skin was unblemished olive, just like his love. Yes, he likes me, a lot, and I like him; but he wasn't doing this to get a kiss. He was doing because he was a gentleman. He was doing this because I was cold; and because we were never to see each other after this.

The Nazi's were sending us somewhere; and after two years in Lvov, without seeing the outside world, I was ready to get out. I doubted where ever they're taking us is any better, maybe it was worst– no it was worst and I know that. I just hope I'm wrong. But they killed my father; right in front of me. They killed him right in front of Yakira and mother. I saw the life just slowly flow out of him… Why would they take us to a better place? Why would they treat us any better? They wouldn't and they won't. They're taking us to a much worst place…much worst then Lvov.

That place, God, that place! What could be worst then there?

I was scared. The feeling went deeper then the cold could ever reach. I would never see my mother and sister after this and Abraham would be forever lost to me.

I put my head on his shoulder and let his hands warm mine because it was the most I would ever get out of him. I wept for all whom I've lost and those I will lose.

"Abraham, have I ever told you I love you." I whimpered.

"No, you haven't…but I love you, too." and he kiss my forehead.