My Name

My name is Joy.

I lift the veil from your face
And brighten your eyes
With a smile.

I take the weight from your bones
And proudly watch as you gently float
To cloud nine.

I can cause you tears
But your smile never fades
Because you're happy.

I don't want to leave.

My name is Hope.

Your heart swells at my presence
But should I ever leave
You will shatter.

I take your pain
And I lift it from your soul
Only to send it back tenfold.

I exist only for one purpose;
To form a gateway between Joy
And Pain.

I am a double-edged sword.

My name is Pain.

I can take many forms
Be it a bruise, a bloodstain,
Or any number of invisible things.

I can build you up from the lowest foundation
Or knock you down from the highest tower,
But you will never heal.

I will settle in your heart
And I can stay silent as the mountaintop
Or as loud as the most dangerous banshee

I will let you forgive, but never forget.

My name is Love.

I am all these things and more.
Who am I really?

I am the angel and the devil
The curse and the blessing
The prayer and the blasphemy

For all my names, only two really matter:

I am your Life. And I am your Death.

What better to describe me than that?