That Special Place

That Special Place

On this planets face,

There is a special place.

A place where

A smile breeds another

A place where,

Forgiveness for others,

Is always there.

A place where I'm welcome,

A place where I'm needed,

A place where hatred becomes,

In all due haste, smothered.

A place where people are judged,

By their inner strengths wedged,

Deep within them.

And not their outer appearance,

Or their status for instance.

They blind others with them.

A place where war and strife,

Are only found in books or fairytales.

A place where peace in life,

Is all but, a fairy tale.

A place where rejection,

Never ever existed.

A place where the whole population,

Is wholly, gleefully, accepted.

This special place I hope to find,

In hopes of finding peace of mind.

And this special place I know I'll find,

It's just gonna take time.

We can all help,

In the making of this world.

But before you help,

Look and change your world.