Phil and Gavlin woke up at exactly the same time the next morning. They both sat up, blinked then looked at the other, the same thought seemed to register in their brains at the same time because they both shot out of the beds. Even with Gavlin using wind to slow Phil down she was still faster than him and slammed the door in his face; she was glad that his rooms had old fashioned door that didn't require key cards.

She took care of all her necessities and walked back to the other room. Gavlin was sitting at the table which was full with breakfast foods. "Gord always let me go first." He told her.

"I thought you didn't like Gord." She answered. Gavlin didn't say anything, just got up and went to the bathroom. Phil smiled at her small victory, then caught herself and shook her head.

Gavlin came back out a few minutes later and they ate their breakfast in silence. After that she continued to read the book she had started the night before. When she was finished she picked up the next book from the stuck that was now on the table next to her bed.

Gavlin noticed her change the books and got up. He picked the book she had just finished and started flipping through it until he found something he deemed important, "Name all of the most volatile bases." He barked.

The sudden noise surprised her so it took her a moment to answer , he nodded when she got it right and barked out another question. They continued in this fashion until he got to the end of the book, she had answered most of the questions correctly and Gavlin was satisfied.

He went back to what he had been doing, Phil was pretty sure he was doing some kind of research but there was really no telling with him. She started her new book and it stayed quiet until lunch, when Gavlin announced the arrival of the food, then it was silent again. It continued in this fashion for almost three suns, then she finished all the books and had correctly answered all his important questions.

On her fifth day with him, he started training her as his assistant. After getting insulted for something for due something just a tad too slow for his taste she started to get frustrated, "Why don't you just hire a real assistant?"

"That would require hiring someone for the long term. There's no need to get too attached to someone."

"But you were with Gord for years!"


"Sorry, moons… many many moons."

He looked at her like she was crazy, "He was only with me for a little over fifty moons… that's not that long." He thought for a second then rolled his eyes, "Of course, you're used to dying after around 800 moons."

"So what, you're going to have to go through this again, once I take over as captain of Dan's Guard?"

Gavlin shrugged, "once my life is no longer in danger I'll probably take on an apprentice, then once they're trained I'll let them go and get another one."

"so you'll have no permanence in your life? No regular house keeper, or cook… or wife?" His mouth turned down minutely at that so she added, "Husband?"

At this he gave her a look, "I'm not gay."

She rolled her eyes, "Right, you're supposed to be asexual."

"I can have lovers… They just cant be permanent."

"That sounds lonely."

He started tinkering with the things on the table in front of him, "That's just the way mages like it." He said.

"Maybe, but I can tell you don't agree." He looked up and frowned at her, " You're not supposed to show emotion either, but you're obviously annoyed with me right now."

His eyes flashed momentarily before he set his features, "Try again." He told her motioning towards the table. She did as she was told, but made a mental note to bring up this kind of conversation again.

Early the next morning there was a knock on the door, Phil didn't heard it though because she was busy being held on the table by Gavlin, who was straddling her and had both of this hands on either side of her head.

Gavlin opened the door with his wind power and Phil still didn't become aware of the visitors until one of them spoke up, "Sorry, we didn't mean to interrupt anything."

Phil looked over at the door and Gavllin took his chance to get the last drop of the substance he was holding in a little dropper in her eye. "Ah, shit!" she yelled surprising the three at the door. She thrashed about until she finally managed to buck Gavlin off. He landed on the ground with a satisfying thump and Phil smiled to herself as she carefully got off the table. "Hello." She said.

"Since when do you have armor?" Dan asked.

"Um…" she tried to think fast, but her armor had a mind of its own and turned back into the pants and shirt she had had on before; the style of it very similar to that which the Wyre people wore. She found it much easier to move around when handling dangerous chemicals when wearing this type of clothing.

"What was that?" Sabin asked taking a step forward with his hand on the hilt of his sword.

"Um…" Phil repeated.

"Don't you dare take that sword out." Gavlin saying, having caught his breath, he was now standing calmly next to Phil facing off with the three at the door, "I will not have you being ruff around fragile jars filled with toxic chemicals."

Herring came up between them, "I think I can explain."

"No, I'll do it." Gavlin said, stepping up next to Herring and pushing him back towards Phil, whose face was frozen somewhere between fear and surprise.

"It's a prototype of mine. I've been working on it for a while now and Phil agreed to help me work out the kinks." Herring looked tempted to say something but Phil elbowed him and shook her head.

"That's cool," Dan said, coming up to join the group from the door way. "What was that you were doing on the table?" he asked, raising an eyebrow.

Gavlin held up the dropper that was still in his hand, "I had to put a couple drops of these in her eyes so that the chemical we were going to be working with didn't wreck her cornea."

"Why did that necessitate you being on top of her on a table?" Sabin asked, raising an eyebrow.

"I don't like getting eye drops, and those stung a little, so that made it even worse. I refused to stay still."

Sabin grinned at his brothers, "I don't know, we made need to get you two a chaperone."

All three of his brothers and Phil rolled their eyes, "Don't be an ass." Phil said.

"And you're given her a potty mouth."

"No, he just let me get comfortable because he doesn't treat me like a breakable lady when I'm not fighting."

"No we don't." Dan said indignantly.

"When was the last time you cussed in front of me?" They both knew the answer was never.

"Well that's no surprise," Sabin said, rolling his eyes, "Dan doesn't cuss."

"Really? But it's a proven stress reliever."

Gavlin glanced at her, "Thank you for that little fact… What did you guys need? Those drops only last so long and I don't want to have to go through that again."

"I was just coming up here to see how you guys were getting along, but it doesn't seem like you're having trouble." He said, looking between the tiny gap between them, they noticed at the same time and each took a step away from the other.

"Why are the other two here?" Phil asked.

"I was bored and I decided to make this follow Dan sun, so…here I am." Sabin said, he was now over at one of the tables off to the side that had one of Gavlin's odd contraptions on it.

"Sounds exciting."

"I really thinks it's time that you started some sort of training."

"Good idea… Maybe I'll have you train me to be a scientist." He said, walking back over to the group, he put his arm around Phil and smiled, "Maybe then I'll get to spend time with our female warrior here."

Gavlin blinked, "I really don't think you're cut out for this stuff," he grabbed Phil's arm and pulled her away from Sabin, "She, on the other hand, is." He took his hand away from her arm but kept it on her back, "She's absorbed a lot of information in a short amount of time and she really seems to understand it."

Sabin grinned, Herring's eyebrows went up, and Dan coughed once, "Well, I guess that means you two are getting along just fine then, that was really the only reason I came up here, so I guess I'll be going."

"I guess I am too." Sabin said, trailing behind Dan, he shut the door on his way out.

"So, why are you here?" Gavlin asked turning to Herring.

"I have something I need to discuss with Phil." Herring answered, looking back at him pointedly, to tell him it was a private matter.

"He knows." Phil said, cutting in before Gavlin could answer, "He saw me come out of the fountain also…from up here."

Herring nodded, "Okay, but there is something I need to speak to you privately about."

Phil frowned at him and walked him to the other side of the room, "What is it?" she whispered.

"It's…well…I was reading more about the Wyre people's legend of the Panther, they said that you're supposed to have a, uh, mate…but I think it's really more like a soul mate type of thing."

Phil blinked at him and he blushed slightly, "The Hydrodians said something like that… They said my soul mate would be an Entrioid. That when I first saw him, whether in passing or in a picture, then I would start to feel emotions. That's what I get for having Entrioid blood…emotions. I have to say they're not that fun."

"So you know who it is?"

"Not exactly… I thought it was Caleb for a second, but something just didn't feel right when I was with him…I don't know, I'm not used to feeling things…"

"But you've seen him."

"Yeah, it's been a little over a week now… sorry eight or nine suns."

Herring's eyebrows bent downwards, "Do you have any clue who it would be? What do you remember doing the day it started?"

"The Esebierda thinks that I saw him in a painting."

"Where all did you go that day?"

Phil shrugged, "I don't remember…I know that I bumped into Caleb on my way back from…oh yeah, Kara took me to the room that has all of your family's pictures in it and I looked at some other painting on my way…"

The corner of Herring's mouth threatened to turn upward, but he tried to contain it until he got a little more information. "So, you saw that horrid picture of Gavlin from when he was little… and a bit overweight."

Phil nodded, "Yeah…they should really get a new one, he looks so different now."

Herring smiled, "I think I know who it is…"

Phil looked at him for a second then her eyes widened, "No."

Herring's smiled grew into a grin, "Yes."

"No way, he's said it himself, he doesn't have feelings…at least, he's not allowed to. And he refuses to get attached to anyone. No. No way its him."

"Phil, don't be stupid. I mean, you two practically gravitated to each other while we were here, Dan pointed it out. And Sabin was totally teasing Gavlin earlier when he was flirting with you…it's so obvious."

Phil shook her head, "We just get along well, and Gavlin knows I don't like being touched, so he got me away from Sabin."

"Did you forget or just not notice how he keep a hand on your back? Seriously, he may be oblivious to it, but I know he likes you. And I think he has enough self control to keep his powers in check and still have feelings for you, especially now that he knows how to use his powers."

Phil sighed, "Was there anything else you wanted to tell or ask me?" Herring shook his head, "Okay then. I don't want to go through with those drops again, so…I'll be seeing you." She ushered him to the door and turned back to Gavlin.

"What'd he want?" he asked, pretending not to be interested, but Phil could see through it.

"Nothing. He's just been doing some research about…me I guess." She shook her head to clear it, "It was nothing, let's get to work."

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