My Super Power

One day at school, my teacher asked me what kind of super power I would want.

I just stared at her and started to think.

I thought and I thought…

I thought maybe having super hearing would be cool. But then I realized hearing someone flush a toilet all the way from Japan wouldn't be very nice.

So I thought and I thought.

And I finally thought I figured it out. I could read minds!

If my Mommy was in the kitchen, and I would get hungry for cookies, I could ask her if I can have one, although the answer would be obvious. "Not until after dinner," she would say. But I would know better! I'll use my super mind reading, and figure out where the cookies are hidden. Then I can have that cookie!

But wait…

What if I tried to go to bed? All tired and sleepy? If I start dreaming, won't I start hearing other people's dreams too? That would be annoying!

So I thought and I thought…

And I jumped up in joy! I could fly like super man!

Fly in the sky and be all tall and strong. I could be faster than the airplanes, and swifter than the birds.

But then I remembered….

I'm afraid of heights.

So what kind of super power can I have? Something cool and amazing? I couldn't think of anything.

So I went home that day and played with my family. I had my cookie after dinner; I had my usual fight with my brother.

But that's when I realized!

My greatest power of all.

My Mommy didn't get mad at me when I fought with my brother, even though my brother blamed me.

I even got my cookie first before my brother, and still got a kiss goodnight.

I still have my nightlight and Santa still comes and gives me presents.

I have the best super power of all, without even trying.

It is also something I'm not afraid of, because it works just fine for me.

I'm the little brother. The little sibling. That has a lot of power.

And like Spider Man said, "With great powers, comes great responsibility."

The End