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13: Resolution

Two years later.

Horizontal, my head lying flat at the first arm and my toes pressed up against the other end. Silence filtered through the room like a soft standing bass, low and gentle sweeping throughout the pasty whiteness of my apartment. Drifting in was the space dust scattered and only viewable in the cast light, and I watched it twirl and dance in the sunbeams. The smell of men's aftershave was becoming stale, the diffusion process long over with. There was an empty place inside me, creating a feeling between wanting to throw up or cry. This feeling was building within my chest at a steady pace, my hands fingering the fabric at my stomach.

I often went over older memories, and one I tended to linger on was that of the day after our great accident. I remember clearly how there was thick silence between us for a couple days, both of us recovering from something neither of us had planned. The lack of conversation for us was a certain kind of healing, so instead of talking about politics and debate–like usual–we'd sit quietly on the couch, reading or staring at each other. I never really thought of these sorts of evenings as strange, just filled with thought. Each of these days would start with me leaving for work and end with a soft peck on the cheek before bed. Then slowly, miraculously, we found a way to shift back into our normal gear. It started in the night of the third day of silence, when tears rolled down my cheeks, giving way eventually to uncontrollable shoulder-shaking sobs. Biting furiously down my bottom lip, I stole whatever air I could, trying to hide my pain a while longer. It felt as if my body was preparing to split in two. His approach didn't scare me–even through the darkness, as he came up behind me–but upon the moment when his large palm met my side, I turned in bed to face him. My hold on my bottom lip faltered as I whispered, "I'm sorry." He simply hushed me and joined me, pulling me into his arms and causing me to cry harder.

After that night things slid back into place, though gradually, they did. Neither scarred, just shaken from the unexpected event. A year following we married, bought a new apartment and decided to plan for a family.

It's been about six months since I've seen him at this point. It was like taking a cheese grater to my skin, waiting like this was slow and deliberate torture. Words didn't seem like enough to describe how much I wanted a good phone call. All it took was a simple e-mail, structured and official, explaining a date and a few lines of information. That e-mail is what brought me here, lying on my couch, breathing in measured lengths.

It was sudden in the still room. The phone rang from at place on the coffee table three feet from my stable position. With a little stretch I retrieved it and put it to my ear, sighing before I pushed it on.


"Ms. Mosley I presume?" The voice was recognizable and I smiled cautiously despite myself.

"Yes, that's Mrs. Gallagher now though. What can I do for you?"

"You can stop worrying. I'm coming home today," he said, almost singing the words in his apparent happiness.

"Ian, you're serious?" My heart seemed to leap up and start moving once more. "Don't kid with me now."

"Sidney, I'm entirely serious. They're sending me home Thursday. How are you doing?"

I was now grinning from ear to ear, "I've been better." Hearing his little chokes of laughter was like restoring the picture of his smile in my mind.

"That's good. Can you come pick me up at the airport then?"

"I'd love to."

"Thursday then. Two of the clock. Can't wait to see you."

A man, tall and proud in his camouflage came striding up to me with a grin unlike any I'd ever seen of him. Swept up into an embrace that I wouldn't have minded to last a few decades, Ian held me close with his lips to my neck.

"Six months felt so much longer than it should have," he whispered.

"Much of life is lost in waiting," I quoted.

"Much of life is lost in not waiting," he contradicted.

"Let's stop waiting together then."

"Sounds good Love."

The end. Look out for my new stories :) I have a good plot to start on soon, another romance/humor, but with better structure than this story. Hope you enjoyed it.