Hey guys, here's my third work in this sort of genre, don't worry though they aren't chronological at all. It's very short but hopefully gets my point across, I'm not really sure what else to say except please review when finished, especially if you think I can improve Pleeeeeeeease! Thanx

There was a bright white light shining just ahead of the young girl, blotting out the darkness all around. She could have giggled. It was so cliché.

The light whirled around and illuminated the solitary figure that stood in front of her. She thought he was a handsome man, and his fiery red hair made him radiate strength. He had a stern gaze on his face, seemingly aiming straight at the girl. His mouth opened and he said in a booming voice.

"May I present to you, Heaven."

He stepped back with a sweeping of limbs and light bathed the entire area, bright clean hues making the space gleam. The girl clapped in glee where she stood.

More people emerged from the darkness to stand in a ring. Aside from the man they all wore shining white gowns. They seemed to float across the floor. The man stood in the centre of the spectacle, still staring in the girl's direction.

A beautiful woman with dark curly hair began her speech and the girl sat down on her red fuzzy chair. She could hear the rest of the audience doing the same behind her. For some reason no-one ever sat in this seat, and it was so close to the stage. She couldn't understand it.

The small theatre seemed quite full for once but the girl didn't care. Frankly she preferred it when it was empty. It seemed more like the actors were performing just for her.

The play continued, it wasn't all that good but the girl did like watching the amateur ones; for one thing it meant the sleepless theatre always held performers.

Eventually though she grew a little bored and the fading felt of the chair made her bare arms tickle. She stood up, selfishly smiling at the lack of objection behind her, and made her way up to the stage.

The characters revolved around the stage intrinsically, working out the dance that seemed to make up most of the play. She only had eyes for fire head though and stalked her way in his direction, her dazzling grin trying to ensnare him.

He looked back towards her and she smiled even more broadly under the sheen of her sparkling white hair. He wore a massive smile and the spotlight centred on him made him seem godly.

Then, as she drew up next to him, he turned away, speaking at the audience once more, leaving her forgotten. The light was trained on him and she stood in darkness. She didn't mind and performed with the rest of the cast, trying to imitate their grace. Her fits of laughter though made it difficult.

Finally the man broke into a twirling dance. It was probably meant to be representing the bliss of heaven or something, she wasn't paying attention. She just twirled with him, head thrown back in a loud carefree laugh. The rest of the cast re-created their ring and moved silently around them. It was magical.

Her only regret was the bright tartan skirt she had worn back on that day. It seemed so out of place now. Fortunately no-one could see her.

Eventually the play wound to a close and the actors made their way off stage to smatterings of applause. The girl was left under a big blue light. She sighed in content. She'd miss red-head but that had been a lot of fun. Some members in the dark audience left, others arrived.

She sat on the edge of the low stage, feet skimming just above the floor as she patiently waited for the next group of people. Her white shoes, dyed blue with the light, made no noise when they kicked the stage.

She loved how the theatre was seemingly reflecting her mood. Her home was the most beautiful place. Another sigh escaped her lips.

A couple, arms wound around each other made their way to the front row. The woman made as if to sit in her seat! But the man stopped her and shook his head, mouthing "Haunted" and motioned her a few places to the right, much to the woman's amusement.

The girl smiled wickedly and allowed her head to sway to the slow mood music from the large organ hidden in the wings. A woman, "Charlotte" she seemed to be called, worked the keys with practiced ease. "She's here almost as much as me." The girl thought.

From her spot she spied a new group of people in improvised medieval dress gathering behind the old curtain of the stage. The girl made her way to her usual seat with a hum in tune to the organ.

The curtains swept aside in a grand gesture, revealing the beyond. The people stood, heads bowed, then a recorded voice called.

"A sword." One person stood forward to be illuminated. He seemed a bit goofy looking to the girl.

"A betrayer." A man stood behind him, evil grin marred by his lopsided wig.

"And hope..."

This play was very original, but still didn't have the power to keep the girl awake. She cracked a huge yawn, sending her hair shivering. She curled up in her chair and as the drone of the voices continued she fell asleep.

When she awoke the permanent twilight of the theatre seemed a touch brighter. She realised somehow she must have slept the whole night through. The stage was quiet for once and the people in the audience were chatting idly.

Bored, the girl decided some more sleep wouldn't be a horrible thing and closed her eyes, willing dreams to come back for her.

A light shone through her eyes and brought her back to the stage. On there, the fire headed man stood once more. The girl felt fully awake now and sat up with a broad smile, deciding to watch the play through this time. Luckily she'd woken up just as they had started again.

"May I present to you, Heaven." He called at the audience. The girl smiled in bliss.

Ok so there you go, If you enjoyed the style of it then can I recommend my other 2 works on here, Eden and Black Rain because they try to explore ideas of the afterlife in different terms and use the same kind of techniques and I would like them to be taken as a set really. Either way, and I'm sorry I keep saying this but please review! I need feedback =]