Sadness builds inside me like a balloon about to burst,

my head is sore,

my wounds unseen,

these mental scars are getting worse.

They're not from me,

not most of them.

They're from that boy who changed,

the one who promised me everything,

but played those cruel mind games.

The one who seemed so friendly,

who used to hold my hand,

that boy who made me think,

the one I couldn't understand,

he looked so sweet,

he was at first, but then things just turned bad,

one slow day after another,

when I'd ask him questions he'd just get mad,

so now tragedy has struck and rain begins to pour,

life feels no longer important,

like there's no more open doors,

and you cry and scream and feel like nothing,

like you're worthless and alone,

but life goes on and other's will come,

one that even gives chills to your bones.

One that'll watch you in your sleep,

one that loves to see your face,

one that laughs at every joke,

that won't just leave without a trace,

Just hold onto that dream,

that wish on that shooting star,

that someone special will find you one day,

and stay with you,

'till death do you part…