It was Christmas Eve, and a five-year old boy had just been read a book about Santa, and was tucked in bed.

"Mummy, who is Santa?" A lively, blonde haired boy asked.

"Santa is the person who watches you, who sees everything good and bad you do" The mother replied.

"Ok then" The boy asked, blue eyes wide in curiosity "But why does he watch the good and bad stuff we do?"

"Because, Jake, he puts your name on the good list if you are good, and the bad list if you are bad" The mother replied, leaving a mince pie and a carrot on the table, for Santa and Rudolph.

Jake started asking again "What happens if I'm on the bad list, Mummy?"

The mother looked at her son, staying patient. "You don't get any presents, you get coal instead"

"Oh!" The little boy said, with a tone of realisation in his voice.

His mother gave him a kiss, and tucked him into bed.

But Jake was too excited to sleep, and he stayed up most of the night. But, being a kid with a short attention span, he fell asleep.

He jolted awake from excitement, and it was too early to open his presents. He decided to snoop round his room, when he saw footprints on his floor.

They were reindeer footprints. He hurried over to the table, and there was a note for him. Jake could just about read it out loud, his reading wasn't perfect.

"Hello Jake" He started, pausing in between each word. "You have been a good boy, so you will get lots of toys. Be this good next year." He carried on reading the note out loud. "From Santa and Rudolph."

A small smile spread across Jake's face, as he crept back into bed and shut his blue eyes