Black Hearted Valentine

These times you would think I would revel in pleasure

when the opposite beats my door away,

A being of chaos, a whisper in the darkness

A monster outside to the end of all days.

Why try to understand myself if you hate me, my kin, and everything I am?

I digress; your kind do not even understand yourselves,

both individually and collectively you're lost.

Struggle away, I say. Nay, soul search all you please.

Yea, I know myself enough to least form closure.

At the same time though, your world interests me,

your tech, your soul, your mind, your word.

As the only one capable of perfect balance of shadow and light,

and also your belief in love at first sight.

Indeed, you are complicated creatures,

in all your vice, and your virtue.

So familiar, so foreign

I had to enter your world, it took me!

Made me a part of you inside and out,

And I loved every minute of it, beyond a shadow of a doubt!

I learned everything about you, from you, and you in turn

compelled me to return the favor.

Oh, if only you knew how much I grew

into savoring every moment, part, and side of you!

So it pains me to see you bleed tears and greave

over these hard days, and sometimes my black heart cries

for you and dreams of your smile.

Vile in your eyes, I only hope that you remember all the joys your world has,

All the joys you've given me, the lowest form of blight.

For you are made not for oblivion, but for greater things,

so do me a favor, and sing to me!