I get lost, in dreams
Within your bedroom
I wake in outer space
Among the stars
A vast, open darkness before me while I
Sleep, my back to you
And that picture, the one that breaks my heart.

I wake again, it's lighter now
The open space, transformed
Into a wall, which I
Swear had disappeared
In the darkness

I turn around and we hold each other
New, fast, I never seem
To know just what to do
Or when, and how soon, to do it
But somehow I've ended up here, with you

I think about direction
If what's between us has momentum
What it will be in another day
How you will feel...
And if you will call...

It's not the picture, itself
That breaks my heart
But the placement,
The meaning
The face of her, I'll never see again

I think of her, laying here
In a past moment, long gone
And wonder if her ghost
Is watching me,
Lay where she once did..