Held prisoner by what they thought as perfect,
but naturally perfect in your eyes,
I have finally found a place in someone's world,
where hate never lives, love never dies.

What a beautiful place, what a wonderful feeling.
Two souls as one as hearts are healing.
Two pairs of lips, gracefully colliding.
Two worlds connecting and never dividing.

How natural it is, as easy as breathing.
Suddenly the unknown has its meaning.
Discovering a world only know by two.
Here, take my hand, let me share it with you.

The sun and moon, the clouds and stars.
Take me to a place, somewhere real far.
Share this warmth, give this embrace,
and I'll share this sweet smile upon my face.

Look up to the sky, do you see the sun?
There is no finish line; we've already won.
Look into my eyes and grab onto my hand,
and I'll share the world only we can understand.