"Please make sure that your seatbelts are fastened securely and you have stored all baggage away in the overhead bins." The flight attendants voice clicked off and she began demonstrating how to fasten the seatbelt. Lacey looked down at her phone, pushing the final button so that it shut off, lights flashing goodbye.

"Can you believe this? I mean seriously, I think I could put on this performance myself I've flown so many times." The passenger next to Lacey started declaring. "They should just stop doing this every flight." The woman looked expectantly at Lacey as if she was waiting for a reply.

"People would undoubtedly freak out though, don't you think?" Lacey asked as she stuffed her phone in her purse and pushed it back under her seat.

The woman smiled. "Undoubtedly we would. I'd wager I'd be somewhere high on that list." She extended her hand towards Lacey. "I'm Love by the way and yes, you heard correctly. My name is Love. My parents we're over optimistic about the effect I'd have on the world."

Lacey smiled at Love and nodded her head. "My name is Lacey. Parents can be that way sometimes I guess."

"Yeah, you know, it's what I'm here for. Save the world or something big like that." Love's over enthusiastic roll of her eyes nearly sent Lacey rolling with laughter. Love, Lacey realized, was about her age. There was something different about her though and it had nothing to do with the gorgeous long locks of deep red hair that cascaded down her back.

"So what brings you here Lacey? Where are you headed to?" Love asked.

"Actually I'm headed to a place called Kirastan. I doubt you've ever heard of it, it isn't a well know place." Lacey explained.

Love instantly smiled. "I have heard of it though. Actually, surprisingly, that is my own destination."

Lacey stared. "No kidding! Until five hours ago I didn't even know the place really existed. I thought Kirastan was a place my mom invented for a bed time story. I guess I never thought to look anything up on it."

"Why would you though? It was the stuff made out of fairy tales for you." Love pointed out. "Your right, most people don't know about it. I'm going to change that though. I'm going to put it back on the map."

Lacey smiled back at her new acquaintance. "How are you going to do that?"

Love laughed. "I'm going to bring back history that's how. Do you know any of the history Lacey?" Lacey shook her head. She hadn't had any time to look anything up seeing as she only just received the ticket. "Well it's really short truth be told. Far too short. Kirastan should have been a kingdom that lasted much longer than it did."

"So the stories about the Prince of Kirastan are true?" Lacey asked.

Love raised an eyebrow. "I thought you said you didn't know anything about the history." She accused with a twinkle in her eye.

"I don't really. All I know are the stories my mom used to tell me. She said that there was a prince, Prince Derek, and that he was jilted by his bride to be. In the story the kingdom fell all because his lady left him." Lacey said, wondering if everything she had ever been told was actually true. Why hadn't her mother and father said anything?

"Some say that he found her again only to let her go." Love added.

"Why would he allow her to leave? Didn't he know that his kingdom would fall, that the people wouldn't accept him without a bride?" Lacey asked.

Love got a sad look in her eyes. "He did know. He loved her enough to let her go." She explained. "Or so they say." The excitement returned to Love, almost as if it had never left.

Lacey couldn't help but smile back. "So, have you been before?"

Love nodded eagerly. "Oh millions of times!" She exclaimed. "I love visiting and exploring. There's hardly anything there. There's a bed and breakfast, a small restaurant, and absolutely no restrictions on where you can go! It's absolutely wonderful!"

"I'm going to take it you enjoy yourself." Lacey laughed.

Love joined in, her laughter enthusiastic. "Oh yes, was it that obvious?" She smiled. Then she reached out and took Lacey's hand, her eyes wide as if a light bulb had just gone off in her head. "You and I should stick together. I can show you everything there is to see and we can explore the grounds together. The castle still stands you know."

Lacey didn't know what to say. She really didn't think that Love was anything dangerous but she still didn't know her. Looking at the woman next to her she pondered over her options. It wasn't like they would be able to avoid each other anyways. They were going to be on the same island for who knew how long.

To heck with it! Lacey decided. "I'd like that." She told Love. "I'd really like that. You can be my own personal tour guide."

Love clapped her hands together. "Excellent!"

Shortly thereafter Love had confessed to the many sleepless nights of anticipation she had endured over the past week. As if on cue her head and fallen back, eyes closed, and the soft purr of snoring came from the small woman.

Lacey found herself smiling at the red head that had a passion for history and obsession with all things Kirastan. Unlike Love however Lacey wanted nothing more than to stay away. Whereas Love had weeks to prepare, Lacey had only had hours. She was still recovering from the initial shock, forget about preparation.

Kirastan is real. She thought. It's really real. Realization was beginning to dawn on Lacey and she wasn't sure she was going to be able to contain herself. She turned towards the window and watched as the clouds brushed gently against the wing of the airplane. She was really going to Kirastan, a place of dreams. Well, her dreams anyway.

A slow and giddy smile spread across her face. Love had said the castle in Kirastan still stood. Lacey was going to walk down the same corridor Prince Derek of Kirastan walked down. She was going to get to see the gardens and cliffs of Kirastan, things she had only thought to be make believe. She was going to see the things made of dreams.

Despite herself Lacey found herself drifting off to sleep, into the world she so often dreamt of. The dream was much the same as it always was. Kirastan was still in turmoil and the prince in distress, in need of a damsel to rescue him.

Lacey ran down a long corridor as she searched for her prince, her footsteps echoing loudly on the marble floor. "Prince Derek!" She called, over and over again. "Prince Derek!" Her legs pounded faster and faster, the corridor seeming longer and longer, before suddenly she found herself in a garden.

Lacey remembered the many stories of the gardens of Kirastan. Gardens full of beauty and magnificent colors, nothing else could compare. Now, as Lacey looked around, the garden seemed to be dying, the flowers lying limp all around.

Suddenly Prince Derek was there before her. He was sitting on a loan bench that lined what at one time had been a fountain. Now the stone had been demolished and the water was seeping up from the ground, forming a puddle around the princes feet. Lacey couldn't see his face.

"Prince Derek!" She called again. "Prince Derek it's me, Lacey!" She called. He refused to look up, refusing to acknowledge her voice. She decided that she would get closer and then perhaps he would be unable to ignore her.

"Prince Derek." She whispered when she stood just before him. She could feel the cold water seeping into her thin shoes. "Look at me." He refused yet again and so she sat next to him. "Look at me, please." She begged him. She wanted to look at him, to see him.

As he looked up though she found herself looking down. She found herself staring at their hands, his own now clasped tightly around hers. "Lacey?" He whispered her name in disbelief and squeezed her hand tightly. "Is it really you? Have you come back to me?" He asked, his other hand touching the side of her face fleetingly.

She nodded unable to say anything. For some reason the words she wished to scream would not come out. For some reason her head would not move, would not obey her command to look up at her prince. It was as if she was stuck motionless and helpless in her own dream.

Unable to stop it, she felt her eyes close. Derek's hand slid into place against the side of her face and tilted her head upwards. She knew without a doubt that his lips where going to touch hers. She could feel him leaning closer, his lips inches from hers.

How silly. She thought. All I want to do is look into his eyes, to see his face. She could feel his breathe on her lips now, the warm air brushing over her like a soft luring caress.

"Lacey wake up!" Lacey bolted up, trying to stand. She was brought roughly back to reality when her clasped seatbelt held her roughly in place. She groaned in pain and opened her eyes. Loaming over her was the culprit to her rude awakening. Love.

Love smiled down at her. "Rise and shine dear. We're here."

Lacey Steinberg blinked rapidly, unable to believe her eyes. "You expect me to board that plane?" She sputtered, her nerves flying all over the place.

When Love had announced that they had arrived she hadn't been completely honest. Yes, they we're here. Here however, was another airport. Here was another plane that would actually get them to the island. If it could actually accomplish that small feat.

Love, self-proclaimed new best friend, looped her arm through Lacey's. "Oh come on. I've done it numerous times! Look at me, I'm perfectly fine!" She assured in a sickeningly enthusiastic voice.

"Right…" Lacey ran her eyes up and down the rickety old plane and wondered how on earth it was going to make it to Kirastan in one piece. "Well… I…. you know I think I've had enough adventure to last a lifetime."

Without warning she turned to run, only to be met face to face with Love. Love was going to hear nothing of the short. "Please Lacey you're not going anywhere." Lacey's eyes widened and wondered if she should be scared of her new friend or not. "You've come all this way after all."

"Yes but I came. Now I can leave." Lacey tried to step around Love but didn't get far. Instead she found herself spun around, once again facing the so called airplane.

"For twenty-three years you have longed, hoped for, and dreamed of nothing else but Kirastan." Love rested her chin on Lacey shoulder and her words became a whisper. "It's right there Lacey, just past the horizon. It's just within your grasp."

Lacey felt a shiver of possibility run up and down her spin. She breathed deeply and wondered, despite herself, what she would feel at missing this opportunity. Regret, dreadful regret. Lacey closed her eyes and realized that she couldn't give this up. She would never be able to give this up. No matter the obstacle.

As if to comfort her Love wrapped her arms protectively around Lacey. "Everything will be just fine. As long as you stay right here, everything will be fine." Lacey thought it weird, strange if nothing else, that Love would be offering herself as protection when they had only just met. Still, despite the strangeness of it all, Lacey felt safe.

If only she had known that Love was not talking about protecting her. She was talking about staying in Kirastan. Forever.


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