The trumpets are blaring
Loud and triumphant
Their song is
Of hope
Of courage
A melody of the future
Yet I have
No hope
I have
No courage
I'm scared
Scared to lose everything
I hold dear
Scared to be alone
Scared that I'll be
Just a face in the crowd
And I'm scared
That I won't make it

The trumpets, they sing
And through these tears
These fears
I hear their song
They sing of goals
Of aspirations
Things I have
But alone
I can't use them
I'm scared
Because with each step
We drift farther apart
And though these plastic smiles
Feign joy
Illustrate freedom
I am only chained once more

These trumpets, they tranquilize our souls
And though I have none
They give hope
They give courage
And though I'm scared
They give sanctuary
And as these trumpets are silenced
My fears
They remain
Locked somewheres in my mind
And though I'm still scared
This hope
This courage
Can help me through
With this hope
With this courage
I'll stand
And I'll move on
But I'll never forget