Pozemok na zvieratách ľudí (Land of animal people)

Temnota (darkness)

Pravítko (ruler): Tmavý mesiac (dark moon)
Pozemkov (land): a land that lives in eternal dark filled with volcanoes and dense forests.
Právomoci (powers): darkness, the moon, night vision and can blend into shadows and change shape.
Nedostatky (weaknesses): Can only stay 3-4 hours in direct sunlight.
Základné imanie (capital): Tmavy (darken)

Požiar (fire)
Pravítko: Popálenina (burn)
Pozemkov: a volcanic waste land
Právomoci: fire and body heat.
Nedostatky: Wind disables their ability to create flame and control body heat for up to 3 hours
Základné imanie: Sezehnot (scorch)

Krajiny (earth)
Pravíkto: Akákoľvek pôda (any land)
Pozemkov: a land with many mountains forests and rich soil
Právomoci: rocks, plants, and bones
Nedostatky: flames destroy their ability to manipulate for 4 hours to life, according to the severity of the burn.
Základné imanie: Kopec (hill)

Mora (sea)
Pravíkto: Vlny (waves)
Pozemkov: An underwater utopia filled with dense sea weed forests.
Právomoci: the ocean, water, and blood
Nedostatky: flames dry up their supply of water and disable their ability to control blood for up to 3 days.
Základné imanie: Morskych rias (seaweed)

Ovzdušia (air)
Pravíkto: Vietor (wind)
Pozemkov: a flat plain land where the wind constantly blows.
Právomoci: storms, the wind, and breath
Nedostatky: Rocks make it so that their wind can not blow directly and disables their ability to control a storm for 4 hours.
Základné imanie: Búrka (storm)

Slnko (sun)

Pravíkto: Osvetlenie (lighting)
Pozemkov: a land with mountains and forests that live in eternal light.
Právmoci: light, the sun, can blend into light and change shape.
Nedostatky: Cannot stay in darkness for more than 3-4 hours tops.
Základné imanie: Hviezda (star)

zvieratách ľudí (animal people)

Zveiratách ľudi are elemental creatures that live in Pozemok na zvieratách ľudí or Land of Animal People. Each zvieratách ľudi is born in one of the Šest' Stredoveké Kráľovstvo or six midevil kingdoms. Zveiratách ľudi look like humans. The only distinction between the two being that Zveiratátch ľudi have cat like pupils that dialate.

Chapter one

"Darina, time to wake up." I felt my mamička shaking me awake.

"What time is it?" I asked groggily, blinking the sleep from my eyes. Once my vision had cleared I looked around my room. It was medium sized with dark purple tapestries embroidered with silver stars, moons, and swans. The bed that I lay on was fairly large and had feather pillows, deep violet silken sheets, and a large canopy. The bed lay near the glass doors to the balcony that we'd bought from the Požiar.

"It is almost moonrise. Time to get up, your Otec wants an audience with you." I nodded, telling her I would be there shortly and she left.

With a sigh I rose from my bed and called in a maid. The maid came in and helped me to get out of my nightgown and into a dark red dress that complemented my chocolate colored skin. The maid then sat me down at my dresser and began to do my hair into a series of braids. Once she was finished I dismissed her and a guard entered to take me to the throne room. The guard delivered me to the throne room, bowed to my parents then me, and left to guard the doors to the throne room.

"You wished to see me?"

"Yes. You see, your mamička and I have been talking, and we have concluded that it would be in your best interest to choose a suitor and get married. The suitors we have chosen will arrive at midnight."

"But Otec-"

"Now, Darina, we want you to be polite to them. You will soon be eighteen years and then get to the throne and your powers will come in fully. Normally you would not need to marry, but the Slnko are at war with us now and we need someone to handle the war while you treat the kingdom. Now you are dismissed."

He called for the guard and told him to lead me back to my room. The guard did as he was told and a few moments later I was pacing in my room nervously. My birthday was only a few months away and they expected me to choose one of the suitors in that time? I will have barely known them. I knew it was selfish, but I planned to run away. To somewhere they would never think to find me. To Stredoveké ríše Slnko, the very country we were at war with. A plan forming in my mind, I quickly ran over to the chest in the room that held maps. Pulling out a map of all the Stredoveké ríše I began plotting. First I would have to travel through Požiar, then Krajiny, then through Mora and Ovdušia to get through to Slnko. Through Požiar and Krajiny I would be able to travel longer as the nights were longer than the nights were here. Though in Mora and Ovdušia I would need to be more cautious. I could not be under direct sunlight for over 4 hours. I would need to travel all through their nights then through a short time in their days in order to be able to get to Slnko without getting caught. Knowing my plans, I undressed myself, slipped on a night gown, and fell into a light sleep in my bed.

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Temnota- darkness (Tem-NOTE-ta)
Požiar- fire (Po-Z-are)
Krajiny- earth (Kra-hE)
Mora- water or ocean (MOH)
Ovzdušia- air (Ov-doo-shiA)
Slnko- light (Slink)
Pozemkov- land (Poze-M-kov)
Právomoci- powers (Pav-o-mach)
Nedostatky- weaknesses (nE-doe-stat-ky)
Základné imanie- Capital (Zack-la-dine i-mAn-E)
zvieratách ľudí- Animal people (Zver-rA-tach Lud-E)
mamička - Mother (Ma-vi-chK)
Otec- Dad or father (O-teck)
Stredoveké ríše-Midevil Empire (Stre-do-Ve-K ree-ss)
Tmavý mesiac- Dark Moon (TmavE MesEac)
Popálenina- burn (Poppa-Lenia)
Sezehnot- scorch (sez-Eh-not)
Akákoľvek pôda- any land (Ak-ah-cole-vek Puda)
Kopec- hill (Cop-Eh)
Vlny- waves (Vul)
Morskych rias- seaweed (More-skitch Re- as)
Vietor- wind (Ve-EH-tore)
Búrka- storm (BUR-ka)
Osvetlenie- lightning (Oss-vet-knee)
Hviezda- star (V-S-D)