Our Last Waltz


Nurul Jasmin Ariana was flipping through the photo album in the living room when she felt two hands wrapping themselves at her sides. Her smile got bigger when she felt herself getting kissed and she giggled. She knew who would do such thing to her.

"Stop that" she said to her husband "Why? You are mine and no one can do that other than me" and she smirked "Hmmm" she moaned as he started to nibble on her ear.

Jasmine couldn't help but smile and look back at how she and her husband met and how their love story actually went. "Honey" she began "Hmm?" he began as he started holding her shoulder "Do you remember how we've met?"

Jasmin looked at her husband who smirked and said "Of course. How can I forget the person who damaged my car" and she couldn't help but giggle as she brought a thick photo album onto her lap. She opened the photo album and sees the first picture; a picture of them at the Duke Highway where her and him were arguing after she crashed his car.

Her best friend Lily secretly took that picture. She still wonders what was going on in her friend's head that time when she took the picture of them arguing at the side of the road.

"You deserved it anyways." she mumbled and he couldn't help but hear her "What was that?" and she playfully smiled "Nothing" and she put down the photo album and ran to their room as she yelled out "You still can't catch me, slowpoke" and he chased after her yelling "Oh yes I can!" and quickly closed the door afraid their two year olds would wake up from all the noise.

Jasmin still remembers the day she and her husband met and she can never forget it. Never in a million years forget the day she and her husband had when they've first met at that busy highway. It was the best day of her life. She remembers how it all began. How she can never regret the day they've met and wished that they would have everlasting love. Forever.

AN:Hey all. This is the Prologue. Sorry if my writing isn't that good. I am still a beginner...I hope you will like it. It's been awhile since I wrote this and I wanted to try out. Please review. Will post the first chapter soon!

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