Chapter 1

Flashback 5 years before:

Nurul Jasmin Ariana was happily driving out of the college after she and her friends has registered "So where do need to go first?" Lily Amieza, her childhood best friend asks her "Oh, how about we go shopping?"Nurzahira Natasha, a student they've became friends with during registration suggested.

"Guys I don't think that's such a good idea. We just registered ourselves in college and we're about to waste our money on clothes. No way" Amira Sofia, another student they've become friends with during registration said.

"Oh, you're right" Lily said nodding and then she remembered something and said, beaming "Oh, I heard there's a lot of new movies in the cinema. What about we go watch a few?" and all of them agreed. Jasmin smiled as her friends chatted about what movie they want to watch and she was so busy giggling and her friends she didn't see a very fast car zooming passed them almost hitting a bright red Ferrari in front of them, accidently hitting the side mirror and a visible dent above the bumper of the car. "Jasmin!" Lily yelled out "Look out" covering her eyes.

"Wh-what. Whoah?!" she yelled as she turned the steering to the left. She parked the car at the side of the road where the red Ferrari was parked and asks her friends "Are you guys okay?" and she received their replies "Yeah. We're good." Sofia pointed at the car in front of them and said "You better check on the driver. He might be injured" and Jasmin quickly got out of the car.

Luckily she managed regain her self composure and bravely walked up to the driver's seat only to come face to face with a very angry man behind the wheel. He looked at her with a sharp expression and she knew she has blew it . Big time. "Hey, are you okay?" she asks politely, knocking lightly on the window, trying to make sure the person was alright.

The man who is none other than Danial Zafwan, the hotshot movie director was very angry for what had happened to his car "Do I look okay?" he said angrily opening the door and stood up beside him. His muscular figure suddenly made Jasmin felt nervous "Look I'm sorry for what happened to your car."

"Sorry isn't good enough" he said in an angry tone "Hey!" Jasmin started to get mad "Why are you so worked up on your car? It's just a dent" pointing at the side of the car bumper has a small dent on it. "What do you mean it's just a dent? Do you know how much this car cost me?" pointing at the vehicle.

Now she couldn't take it any longer with his rudeness "Well excuse me. It was just an accident. Okay that's it. I have no time to argue with you. I will pay you back"

"And how exactly are you going to do that?" he said impatiently "Well" she started "How about I work for you to pay back for your damaged car. Is that a good enough proposition for you?"

"Good. Since you mention it. I do need a housekeeper. Okay. I accept from this condition. Give me your phone" he said arrogantly. Jasmin took out her mobile phone from her pocket and gave it to him.

He unlocked the phone and key in his phone number. "Here" he gave back her phone. "Starting tomorrow you will work for me. I will text you my address tonight" and without saying goodbye he went back to his car and drove off quickly.

Jasmin was stunned as she went back to her car with her friends who was now curious about the guy Jasmin had an argument with a few minutes ago "Hey, who's the guy you just talked to?" Lily asked curiously "Yeah, he's freakin' hot, girl" Tasha said "Yeah. Who is he?" Sofia asks her.

"I don't know. He just key in his number" and gave her friends her phone. A few seconds later a shock look was in every single one of her friends.

"Hey, what happened?" she asks them and her three friends stared at her dumnfounded "Guys. What's wrong?" she now worried. "Oh my God! You have the number of Danial Zafwan" Lily said "I can't believe it!" Sofia said "Me either" Tasha agreed.

"Who's Danial Zafwan?" she asked and her friends' mouths fell to the floor "Oh my God! The guy who you just talked to" Lily explained "What?" Jasmin was confused now "What's wrong with you guys. It's not like this Danial Zafwan is like some hotshot movie director or something" and her friends smirked and she knew the answer right away "Oh my GOD!" she said out loud.

"You got it sister" Sofia said as she patted Jasmin who was now sitting slumped on the seat "I can't believe that ignorant jerk, I just talked to is a movie director?! I even have to work with him starting" she pauses looking at her friends "Tomorrow" and there was squeals by her three friends.

"Oh my God! Jas, you're so lucky!" Tasha said "Yeah! Am so jealous" Lily said and Sofia smiled "So lucky" and Jasmin just try to cheer up "Yeah, I guess so. I hope it'll all be okay." Jasmin said as she quickly drove towards the mall.

As she was watching The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Jasmin's mind was occupied elsewhere. She kept on thinking of how such a rude person like Danial is qualified as a hot-shot movie director. "He's not even handsome" she thought to herself as she arrived home, and laying in bed "Aahhh!" she stretched herself "It's going to be a long day ahead of me" she said as she finally closes her eyes and drifted off to sleep.

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