Remember the kaleidoscope world

Where you descended with your angel's wings

And we climbed up golden staircases to see the world above

Where we danced in circles in flaming seas

And watched condolences and down drifting from the sky.

Remember the kaleidoscope speech

Which called out in song to old to catch

Where there were no trees to capture the wind

But in their place were stalks of emerald and topaz

And steam shot up from cracks beneath the sparkling ground.

Remember the kaleidoscope view

Forming an icy sea from boiling tears

And golden leaves falling from eagle's wings

Mysterious ribbons dancing through the air

Forming waves of scarlet and royal thoughts.

And remember when you left

From the Vulcan and into the world above

Into the gray streets and gray world

Leaving me a pair of wings, white and sad

So I could remember the kaleidoscope world.