Angel of the Night

Author's Note: Just for fun I am doing a fiction with a good vampire as heroine. Set in a parallel universe, in England, but a very different England to that which we know.

Introduction: How the heroine and her son get together.

Hakan is named after Hakan from Let the Right One In.

The Moon shone brightly that night and created a silver path over the sea. The sky was unusually clear and the stars gleamed in the heavens, indifferent to what occurred on the beach below. A mother and son had been caught after being pursued by a pair of vicious thugs across the sand. "There are only three lousy shillings in here," said one of the robbers as he shook the woman's purse.

"Be glad you didn't think to fight," the other told her.

The woman clutched her son by the hand. His hair gleamed gold in the moonlight. "Please don't use the knife..." she sobbed.

"Oh we won't," the robber replied. "Beat it."

"Wait, does the stupid slag want the knife herself is that it? I'm going to let her have it," said the first robber and thrust it into the woman's unprotected breast. She gave a terrible wail and collapsed to the ground. Her little son sank to the sand, sobbing uncontrollably.

"What did you do that fer?" Said the second robber. "You got the money!"

"No witnesses Hakan," said the first robber grinning wolfishly.

"Ah, the poor little boy, you've made him cry now," said Hakan stroking the child's back and taking in the sweet smell of his hair. "Tell you what my dear, I can make you forget yer troubles."

"Really Hakan, this proclivity of yours," said the murderer shaking his head. "And you think you can lecture me."

"Don't worry my little angel," Hakan told the boy as he pulled down his pants. "Yer purity touches my heart. I hope you can waggle yer bottom though..."

There was a drawn out wail from high above. A shadow seemed to flit across the Moon. Hakan jumped. "Mercy what is this?" He cried as he leapt up looking wildly around.

"Ah stop yer whining you superstitious twit," began his confederate, but at that moment, like a bolt from the blue, a dark shape cannoned into him. He shrieked and ruby blood spurted everywhere. Hakan turned to flee, but the knife was thrown with pinpoint accuracy, severing his spine. His legs were turned to jelly. The last thing he ever knew was a terrible pain cutting into his throat.

The child looked up. As he crouched beside his dead mother, the broken bodies of the robbers strewn over the beach, a gentle hand was laid on his shoulder. "Don't look and be afraid," came a woman's voice, powerful, husky, yet soothing as well. He was wrapped in her embrace, her curtain of black hair obscuring his vision. He could smell the metallic tang of the malefactors' blood on her breath. He stammered that he wanted his mother. "She has to go away now," said the vampire softly. "But I will be mother to you from now on."