Summer Ends

The thought of it pulls at me, tortures my stomach

Makes me feel wrong and all too strange

Because I already know that it's nearly the end

The winter has gone, fall a whisper passed

And school is done

But for me, it's the end of you

I've whispered to the sky that you'd love me

Prayed beyond the trees that you'd give me a sign

Closed my eyes and savored your laugh

Only to open them

To see you, watching me


But even a thing so bright as your face

Can't make me know you

We're too far apart, such a bridge yet to pass

So you're too far away, emotionally


And I won't know you until the summer ends

I tried to learn you, feel you, become you

Yearning to be ever closer

But I've found my sadness mounting

Because 'we' will never be

So long to be without each other

Because when school is gone, you will be, too

And you'll be gone until the summer ends

Too many things can come and go

Carefree conversations, new friends

But I won't even be there

I want so to always be with you

But through those warm days you'll never see me

Never call

Never care

You'll forget me and all those little things

What we've been just starting to learn about each other

Though your laugh I'll remember

Yes, I will

And I'll cry

For I won't hear it 'til the summer ends