Nikolai (Kyler)

I couldn't believe I was being transferred again! And all because of a simple fight, that involved a chair, a phone cord, fists, and blood. It was unbelievable and I really wanted to punch something, but with my probation officer and cop behind me, I had no choice, but to drag my sorry ass up the path. Path to what you ask? Well, I soon learned by it was called Hellsium's Academy for Boys, a place where they apparently locked up kids in a nice and safe environment away from society as punishment for wrongdoings.

Define wrongdoings.

My list? Several school transfers due to school fights, violence, some misplaced pornography, caught with weed, alcohol. You name it, I've done it.

And doing all that will land you at HAB.

The place looked about as old as my freaking grandmother. The bricks were mossy and gross looking, grayish and black. It had that gothic style sort of look to it that basically said 'beware, I'm a creepy place'. Of course, no one paid attention to the BEWARE signals nor the 'this is prison' look from the barbed wire on the huge walls surrounding the entire property, which included the building with the classrooms and the buildings where the students stayed, the dorms.

"Remember," My probation officer said quietly as she carried my suitcase and extra bag, "Your name isn't Kyler Smith anymore. It's Nikolai Porter. You're sixteen-years-old and from Lansing, Michigan. Your parents are both gone and you have no siblings. Your GPA is average and you're not to have a temper. Take the medication that they offer. Think you can handle this?"

I just shrugged. I hadn't spoken to her since the court order and even then, I probably shouldn't have spoken. All those colorful words upset everyone, especially the judge.

She sighed and the cop merely waved a hand at her, basically telling her to give up on even talking to me. I was led up to the front doors, a huge pair of black doors with weird pictures drawn on them in silver. By weird, I mean freaking creepy. The pictures showed things like giant eagle-headed lions with wings, half-man, half-wolf things, and generally all that crud that you tell your little siblings to be scared of when you wanted them to leave you alone. It made me crinkle my nose in disgust before the cop took out a ring of keys, popping one into the fancy lock above the handles. There was the grinding and clinking of gears, making me wonder if this was a boarding school or a prison.

They opened to reveal a large lobby room with a pair of big staircases that led up to a long catwalk, which vanished into hallways through the walls. However, on the first floor, hallways went everywhere. It was like something out of Harry Potter! Was I supposed to take any of this seriously? I wanted to smirk, but I was still peeved that I was even there in the first place!

I ended up walking down a hallway, following the cop as my probation officer split off to go meet with whoever the dean was, only patting me on the head and ruffling my platinum-blonde dyed black hair. It made me glare at her, but she just smiled and went off. Following the cop down the hallway, I saw other boys in the other classrooms, all sitting at attention and listening to looking, hawkish looking teachers that looked like they were going to eat your faces off. They all wore the same ugly outfit that I was sad to be wearing now.

A white button up shirt with a black blazer and matching pants, the tie a deep dark purple to match the belt around the waist.

It was lame. Very lame.

We kept walking and I could faintly hear the sound that I had been hoping for. The sound of a noisy classroom and that made the cop frown deeply. When I glanced at him, I noticed that he looked pretty weird too, almost as hawkish as the teachers. It was weird. I looked away and saw some kid's face peer past some curtains over a door. His blue eyes went wide and he ducked away, the sound of yelling and scrambling following. I lifted the corner of my mouth in a confused grimace as the cop stopped in front of the door, glancing at me.

"This is your homeroom, Nikolai. Anatomy 204 with Mr. Carols. May I warn you to be on your best behavior here, son."

"Bite me." I responded dully, making the cop almost smirk. That unnerved me, usually they got mad. Why was he smiling like that?

He opened the door to reveal a nice and orderly classroom. All the boys were seated with their hands folded on their desks, eyes locked almost intently on their textbooks. No teacher was present, but the front desk with a coat draped over it signified that he probably left for a bathroom break.

"Good afternoon, class." The cop announced as he walked in, making me follow him close behind. It was kind of weird and pretty sad that there were no girls. I'd miss flipping their skirts and peeping at them, trying to get a kiss from anyone I could. I resisted the urge to smile a the fond memories. But only memories, sadly.

"Good morning, Officer Guzman." The boys responded automatically, looking up with blank faces. I recognized the kid who was sitting at the door sitting in the second to last row, his dark brown hair brushed partially toward the center of his face. I wondered how he got there so fast, but I didn't have time to ask as Officer Guzman took a hold of my shoulder, making me stiffen and flash him a glare. I hated being touched, especially so roughly like that.

"We have a new student joining us today. His name is Nikolai Porter. Please make him feel welcome and inform him of all the academy rules. Nikolai, you may take a seat beside Justin Reese. Raise your hand, Mr. Reese." Guzman commanded and automatically the kid from the window raised his hand as high as he could over his head. Guzman nodded to the empty desk beside him and gave me a little push. I shrugged his hand off and went to the desk, sliding into the seat and shifting uncomfortably at how cold it was. Guzman smiled some more, his eyes locked right one me and it made me really uncomfortable.

"Welcome to Hellsium's Academy for Boys, Mr. Porter. I'm sure you'll enjoy being here as much as the rest of the boys." He greeted and I could hear a snicker from somewhere. What scared me was that Guzman's head snapped in that direction toward a dark-haired boy about my age with pine green eyes. The boy immediately stiffened, clamping a hand over his mouth. Guzman started to head over to him, but the door to the classroom opened and the teacher came in.

It was easy to tell he was a teacher the way he looked and the aura he gave off. He was tall and lean with salt and pepper hair cut almost like a surfer's. His eyes were so light blue, they were silver and were sharp behind his black, wire-rimmed glasses. He wore a lame-o black sweater vest over a blue button up shirt, a dark purple tie, and black dress pants. He also had the weirdest thing about him… Despite the fact that he was what? Maybe in his mid-forties or something? He looked pretty good for a teacher.

I mentally slapped myself and bit my tongue for even thinking that.

"Officer Guzman, it's a pleasure to see that you've brought young Nikolai to my classroom, I thank you for your assistance." His voice was smooth and warm, like melted chocolate and I felt even more uncomfortable than before, shifting one foot over the other as I brought one of my hands over my mouth to nibble on my fingertips.

"Of course, Mr. Carols. It's my pleasure. I'll be seeing you." With that, the cop left, slamming the door shut behind him pretty angrily. Mr. Carols came to the front of the class very swiftly and smoothly, dragging a hand along the top of his desk before turning around to face the students, myself sadly included. However, when he did, I felt like I was just blasted with a hot air of sex.

Yea, I knew what sex smelled like… Er, well, at least, I guessed it from all the porn, but that's not the point!

This guy seriously smelled like the hot sexual desire girls would die for… And guys?

I couldn't possibly be the only guy feeling horribly uncomfortable, but all around me, none of the guys moved, just stared at him, trying to stay tense.

"Well, Mr. Porter," Mr. Carols said with a sly smile as he tilted his head, clasping his hands in front of himself calmly, those silver eyes locked right on mine and not even looking away, "You're new to our academy and it's a pleasure to have you among us. Would you care to tell us something about yourself? Maybe where you're from, how old you, why you're here?"

My mouth moved before I could stop it.

"Lansing, Michigan. I'm sixteen and I'm here because I beat the snot out of some faggot who was trying to play stupid games with me." I blurted and I felt like all the muscles in my body were so taunt, they were going to rip. Small, faint snickers fled through the room, but unlike Officer Guzman, Mr. Carols smiled with them.

"I see. Well, that's interesting, Mr. Porter. Do you commonly use such derogatory terms to address others?" He asked. I was still tense, but I was starting to get my real self back, thank the gods.

"I said I was fucking sixteen, not a college graduate." I retorted, folding my arms tightly over my chest and slouching a bit in my seat. Mr. Carols lifted a thin brow as he unclasped his hands, then clasped them again.

"Hm? Oh, I meant your replacement for kinder words, however, it doesn't matter because here at Hellsium's Academy for Boys, we watch our language and I would highly suggest you don't swear within the confines of the property." He explained calmly. I just frowned and he seemed to smile wider before turning around.

"All right, class, today we're going to study the human genitalia. Please turn your textbooks open to page eight-thousand and four." He explained and I crinkled up my nose, taking a quick glance around the classroom while Mr. Carols went for an extra textbooks. The boys were all obeying, but what got me was, I thought all these guys were supposed to be… Well, rebellious, not orderly.

And what's the deal in teaching such a wide age range about penises and vaginas?

The youngest kid in this whole classroom had to be about eleven or twelve and he was a little blonde kid, who seemed to keep his eyes downcast.

It made me wonder… Was I enrolled in some kind of strict military school?

Mr. Carols came back with a navy textbook, that weird smile still on his face as he approached, setting the book down on my desk. I was getting really freaked out when he leaned a bit too close to me. I went to lean away from him, but his hand landed on my head.

"My, my. You're so young. Such a pity you would come here." He said quietly in my ear, ruffling my hair. I felt my skin crawl and I gasped, my eyelids fluttering before I cringed away from him. Mr. Carols smiled down at me before heading to the front of the classroom, turning to face us as he repeated he page number for me. I hurriedly flipped to the page, feeling some eyes on me and I felt my face growing a bit hot.

It didn't help when the page I turned to was horribly graphic, I mean, worse than any porn I'd ever been caught with… On accident, mind you. One page had a picture of two men, one of them on his hands and knees with his back arched up with a look of distress on his face while the other was basically shoving a wet shampoo bottle in his ass.

I was sure I emitted a squeak because more snickering followed and Mr. Carols was tilting his head at me.

"Is there something wrong, Mr. Porter?" He asked. I just shook my head and immediately looked at my lap instead of the book. There was no way I could look at that! They were two GUYS! Dudes! Males! BOYS! They were gay! It made me cringe about my faggot comment earlier, but that wasn't all. Everyone seemed calm about it and it was like it was nothing new and it didn't help as Mr. Carols began to read the paragraph above the picture.

"There are many ways to increase sexual desire other than using aphrodisiacs. Such ways include increasing unusual foreplay. The picture below shows the increase of this sexual desire by the use of kinky foreplay with a shampoo bottle. The ring around the penis is called a cock ring and denies the release of the semen…" He went on and on! I wanted to get out of there! I was so uncomfortable and none of the guys looked the least bit alarmed and I wondered if I had landed myself in the USA's high class gay school.

"Now we'll need an example of the position on page eight-thousand and five. Would anyone like to volunteer?" Mr. Carols asked as everyone turned the page.


The picture was of a guy, probably around sixteen or seventeen, bent over a teacher's desk with his ass facing right out to the classroom and spread so you could see everything, including the dripping wet fluids. I held on any sounds this time and jerked my head up as Mr. Carols searched the classroom for takers as no one was raising their hand.

I don't think anyone would dare.

I clamped my hands between my knees tightly, biting down on my lip as I tried not to glare in frustration. If he picked me, I'd be out of here faster than he could say oops.

"Come on, boys," Mr. Carols drawled, waving a hand out and using the other to hold his book, "The sooner we get this done, the better! And don't worry, you just need to demonstrate the pose, not the actual activities shown on the next page." Which was probably just as worse because the next picture showed the guy getting fucked in the mouth and smacked with a ruler in the back.

I was going to puke and I lifted my hand to clamp over my mouth when a grip caught my wrist. I blinked and my arm was forced up, left there for a second because I was so confused on who had grabbed my hand, before I slammed it back down at the same time Mr. Carols smiled and said:

"Mr. Porter! Thank you for volunteering!"

"No!" I blurted, making Mr. Carols cock a brow.

"No? But you raised you hand, didn't you?" He asked. I glared at him


"I did not! Someone raised it for me!" I protested and glared at the guys around me too, who just looked around the room innocently. The guy behind me just smirked. And he was one nasty looking guy. His hair was jet-black and thick, a bit curly and short. His eyes a grayish blue color and he looked pretty damn smug right now. I was on the verge of getting up and punching him square in the face.

In fact, that's what I started to do, but the guy caught my fist and easily twisted it behind my back, making me gasp as he slammed me down on top of my desk. I winced in pain as he kept my arm bent up at a tight angle, his other hand pushing my head down.

"Mr. O'Connell," Mr. Carols stated, still smiling, "There will be no fighting here, you as well, Mr. Porter. Do you both want to see Headmaster Walker?" I grimaced as this O'Connell kid let go and leaned back. I shot up immediately, glaring at Mr. Carols.

"Actually, yes! I do want to see Headmaster whatever his name is!" I snapped. Every time the word 'headmaster' came up, everyone squirmed in their seats. Even the guy behind me frowned a little, his fists clenching tighter. Mr. Carols let his eyes darken a bit, almost turning black!

"Mr. Porter, I highly would caution you not to test me. Nor Headmaster Walker. Now, please come up to the front of the classroom. Since you caused a ruckus, you may-"

"N-No! No way," I cried, trying not to shake with anger, or fear, or whatever I was feeling, "I'm not doing anything that involves me taking off my clothes! You're fucking insane! I want to talk to my probation officer!"

"Probation officer," Mr. Carols mused, then sighed sadly, shaking his head, "I'm sorry, Mr. Porter, but your probation officer no longer exists."

"Huh?" The word popped right out of my mouth and I think all the excitement was getting to my head because the world was tilting a little, from left to right, up and down and all around.

"Indeed, Mr. Porter," Mr. Carols went on, coming forward slowly, making the world tilt some more, "Your probation officer, the judge, your parents, your little sister, no one exists anymore, no one, but the beings within the walls of the property…"

His voice made my stomach churn and I collapsed to the floor, hitting my head on it pretty hard when I fell too. I was nauseous and dizzy, feeling so confused and dazed. What was going on? What does he mean everyone was gone? This place… What kind of place was it?

I didn't get to find out as my vision of Mr. Carols black shiny shoes in front of me faded from white to black, nothingness.