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The Abomination

The light tapping sound that echoed through my apartment finally ceased as I finished my article. I glanced up at the white crackled ceiling and breathed a sigh of relief. My editor would not be yelling at me this deadline. Before midnight tonight, an intriguing and extremely well-worded article would appear in his inbox; chock full of literary elements and wit. I flicked a wisp of blonde hair out of my eyes and glanced down at the digital clock that resided in the corner of my laptop. 5:00?! I really lost track of time. A slice of panic cut through me as I remembered the electric bill I had placed on my kitchen counter-due today. The slice of panic became a whole pie when I realized my mailman had already come and gone for the day. My eyes cut above the screen of my computer, focusing on the fake granite countertop, and the thin envelope that sat upon it. I can't afford to pay the late fee. I live alone in my lovely studio apartment; there was no one to cover for me. My only hope was to reach the post office before it closed, which was at 5:30. I looked out my window and observed the growing amount of cars on the street. The post office was in the center of town, about ten minutes away without traffic. But during rush hour? I have never attempted such a feat before. I pursed my lips, still tasting the strawberry Chap Stick I had swiped on a half-hour before. I'll be damned if I don't try; I have too much at stake.

I shot up out of my chair and dodged through crumpled pieces paper that didn't quite make it into the waste basket; the precious electric bill was all I saw. The minute I felt the paper make purchase with the skin of my finger tips, I was out the front door. My neighbor waved as she slid the key into her door, and I managed a weak greeting as I rushed past her and out of the apartment complex.

I didn't even pause to put the music on before I peeled away from my parking spot, cutting off a minivan as I merged with traffic. I gave them a friendly wave and got an angry horn in response. That car would not be the last. I slipped on my shades so I could see past the piercing rays of the setting sun, weaving around car after car. Every minute I would glance at the green numbers that glared at me from my dashboard. I was going to cut it close.

At 5:24 I made it to the post office and looked for a place to park. There was no parking lot, just spaces along the sidewalk. Luckily, there was one available spot left. I quickly spun the wheel in that direction, the leather sliding through my palms. I ended up forgetting my turn signal and got flipped the bird by the man in the car behind me. I laughed out loud, just relieved that I made it. I flung open the door and tumbled out of my seat. My hair was exploding out of my scrunchie, and my eyes probably appeared half crazed, but I didn't care. I had a mission, a mission that revolved around the slip of paper clutched fervently in my hands. My hand pushed the door open, my arrival announced by the tinkling of bells suspended against the glass door. I jumped around the mass of people that were standing in the line, all with equally impatient expressions. Their cardboard boxes seemed to weigh down their posture. My boots made a dull noise on the black and blue tiled floor as I walked up to the dark blue mailbox in the corner. I pushed the flap of the mailbox before slipping my bill inside.

A ton of weight was just lifted off me. And…were those trumpets playing in the distance?

"Yes!" I hooted, pumping a fist in the air and twirling around. I felt a bunch of eyes on me, but I could care less. I surfed that wave of success all the way out of the post office.

…Only to fall off of it when I caught sight of the police officer standing by my car, issuing a ticket. His tell- tale uniform was perfectly unwrinkled and his chestnut brown hair was just long enough to curl slightly over his ears. He was looming over my poor little black Subaru, a pen cap in his mouth and its counterpart held by long fingers. What the hell have I done to get a ticket!? At twenty three years old, I have never gotten one of those-those abominations, and I sure don't plan to start now.

"Excuse me, sir!" My voice was a bit catty; I could have been nicer, but really! He totally ruined the mood. I moved closer to his tall form, making him pause just as he was about to place the yellow slip of paper underneath my windshield wipers.

His head rose and our eyes met. A clash of angry blue and startled hazel. He reached up with one large hand and took the pen cap out from between his lips, lips that I had to tilt my head up slightly to see. I was standing by the driver's side door, and I could tell he towered over me.

"Yes? Do you need help?" His voice was deep and rich, and I was slightly intimidated because he was so good looking. He had a perfect, straight nose and a beautiful chiseled jaw and-

I pushed those thoughts out of my head; after all I had my driving record to save, and glared at him. "You can help me by explaining why you're giving me a ticket."

His eyes grew amused, and he pointed over my head. I turned my body around and, in plain view, stood a red and white sign that read: No Parking.

You have got to be kidding me. How did I not see that before? I just avoided a late fee, and now have to pay even more money. I faced the hot enforcer of authority and attempted to smooth down my hair before beginning my spiel: "Ok, I was only in and out of the post office-I swear! I spent a minute at most in there. If you don't believe me you can ask the people still in there, they will remember me because I felt so accomplished that I got there before closing time that I acted slightly weird and crazy when I put the bill in the mailbox. You see, I had this electric bill I had to pay or else I would get a late fee and I just can't afford a late fee and so I had to brave rush hour traffic to get here only to see one parking space open and I really really thought it was a parking space and I'm so sorry!" That might have been said rather quickly but at least I got out what I wanted to say.

I was staring at a crack in the sidewalk as I talked but I finally chanced a look up at him. He was gazing at me with an impassive expression. I took (what I hoped was) an inconspicuous gulp of much needed air. I could hear the latest pop song blaring out of the speakers from a car behind us, but the policeman had still said nothing. I briefly entertained the notion of flinging myself onto the ground at his feet, but I was wearing nice jeans; all dark denim and slimming. I paid for these to be absent of any rips, thank you.

Defeated, I averted my eyes to the ground and tried formulating way I could get the money to pay for this ticket. I could sell my favorite pair of earrings, they're real diamonds! Or maybe the-A loud chuckle caused me to break my train of thought and gaze up at the man in facing me.

His face had come to life, eyes crinkling at the corners and lighting up with mirth. I saw a flash of straight, white teeth before he spoke, "Did-did you even take a breath?" Agh. He was ten times more beautiful when he laughed.

I seriously contemplated his question for a moment. "…Actually, no."

His chuckles became full on laughter. That jaw line. After a few seconds of watching him with my drooling mouth open, I finally began to join in too. Like I said, this whole day was pretty wild. As I was wiping the tears out of my eyes, I noticed something billowing through the air. I blinked a few times to dispel the moisture. I was eventually able to make out that it was a yellow piece of paper, getting carried through the street by the wind, flowing over the roofs of cars and the heads of people milling on the sidewalk.

I pointed behind him, "Hey, isn't that my-"

"What? I didn't see anything…" He asked, his tone oh-so innocent. His head didn't even turn around to look. "However," He said, writing again on his pad of paper, "I'll pick you up at seven o'clock. Here's my number. Text me your address." My eyes widened as I heard the crisp snap of the paper separating from its pack. Who did he think he was? He just assumed that I would love to go out with him?

As if on auto pilot, my hand touched his as we made the transaction, and my eyes met his once more. A twin set of twinkling, warm eyes. Man, I was a goner.

And who the hell am I trying to kid? I would love to go out with him. I would throw myself at his feet, with these jeans, to go out with him. After all, I'm just showing him my gratitude for forgetting about my illegal activity. I'm repaying his kindness, thanking him properly… etcetera etcetera.

We say our goodbyes and I spend the whole ride home just thinking about how much I can repay his kindness. Mmm, illegal activity.

Two years later

I tossed my purse in the passenger seat and put my keys into the ignition. Just as I was about to grab my gearshift, I looked up and caught sight of an utter abomination in my window. The bright yellow paper was locked between my windshield wipers, the top edges fluttering with the gentle wind. The ticket was placed directly in my line of sight, as if mocking me. My narrowed eyes searched the area and did not find any 'No Parking' signs. I clenched my jaw and got out of my car, my sandals stomping on the gravel beneath. I knew my blue eyes were probably spitting fire right now.

"They'll be sorry!" I muttered. They don't know who my boyfriend is. My hot policeman boyfriend.

I snatched the ticket from where it was placed, took a calming breath and looked down to read. My face slowly froze as my eyes traveled further down the page. The beat of my heart was suddenly fast and insistent against my ribcage. After I finished reading, I put a hand to my forehead and swiveled around to lean my suddenly weak self against the hood of my car.

And there, standing in a cute button down shirt and jeans, was my lovely boyfriend: Derrick Clyne. The ever present curl that I loved to twine around my finger hung over his forehead, and there was a huge grin on his face. He knelt down, on one knee, right there in the middle of the street. A black velvet box was held reverently in his hands, and he slowly opened it to show me the gorgeous diamond ring held within it. His eyes were as irresistible as when we first met, two years ago. As hopeful as they were after our first date, his nervousness in asking me out again causing him to shuffle his feet and look up at me from underneath his thick mop of hair. And, his eyes were just as intoxicating as they were when he first expressed those three special words on our six-month anniversary. I love his eyes and everything else about him. So, why haven't I opened my mouth to say yes, yet?

Without any given warning, I launched myself at him, and he sat down to keep us from fully toppling over. "Yes, yes, yes!"I kissed him wholeheartedly on the mouth, and he wrapped his arms around me as he returned the kiss. As I twined my arms around his neck, my hands shooting up into his soft hair, a yellow piece of paper drifted down to the ground. Words written in black sharpie decorated the page.

Finley Arris, marry me. Make me the happiest man -or as you say when you've had too much to drink: the happiest 'hot enforcer of the law'- in the world. I love you and want you to be my wife . I promise you won't regret it. I promise you anything you want.

-Your Policeman

He was true to his word.

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