Undertow [March to the Sea]

Civil war is what we're fighting

But total war is what came.

To destroy us all in Georgia

Us, the weary and the lame.

They set fire to our fields and homes

Laughing as they watch the flame,

As it spreads through our towns

They say that we're to blame.

"Stop! Stop!" They scream, aghast,

As their lives burn before their eyes.

All that they've ever worked for

Will be gone before sunrise.

I see the smoke

Roll off the fire.

It spreads far and fast,

As its flames grow higher and higher.

"Move, girl!" A soldier yells,

The blue on his shirt turning black with soot.

I run towards my family

As fast as I can on foot.

Livestock bellows as they're taken away.

Families mourn their loss.

Union soldiers that lead the way,

Dangle from their necks a cross.

It's bad enough that times are tough

With war nipping at our heels,

Our friends and family are dead and dying

And have no money for meals.