2 2014

3:25 p.m.

I knew there was no possible way my family could be alive judging from the front door completely wide open. I worried about my mom, my dad, my brother, my cats. Even the cats. Once I parked the car, the zombies turned from inside the house and ran towards my car. I held my breath and opened the car door. I prepared my spear, which was a broken broomstick handle until I got out of the car and split it under my sneaker. I squinted at utter disgust as I drove the broomstick through five zombies' throats and mouths, like a shish-kabob. More zombies were coming at me, and I temporarily kicked them away without enough time to retrieve my spear, I ended up using my stake in my recessive hand to bash into the zombies' heart. They were still after me but become slower by the step from the blood loss. There were more zombies coming after me and I had no idea how I'd get out of this one. I was being ambushed by the seven or eight zombies running towards me from inside my house.

"No!" I shouted, preparing to attack, knowing there's no way I'd come out scarless.

And just like in the movies, I heard a crackling pow. It was like a lighting bolt hit a tree next to me, that's how loud it was. And I knew exactly where it was coming from.

I watched as the zombies dropped, headshot by headshot, until they were all dead on the floor. My dad stood at the front doorway with his hunting rifle and handgun. I guess my mom can't argue against my conservative dad over that issue ever again. I was so happy to see him at the doorway, all of a sudden overcome with joy. I didn't know tears rolled down my face and my lip quivered. Right now was not a good time to have blurry vision. My mom and brother joined my dad at the doorway, holding both our cats, Precious and Casper.

"You're okay!" I stuttered over my tears.

My mom ran out to give me a hug, handing my brother Precious. My dad grabbed his keys for the Jeep.

"Oh honey, we waited for you but when you didn't come so we were going to go to a fallout shelter but they were so many of the sick people." my mom said

My dad took her attention before I could explain myself. "We need help with the bags." He said, pointing backwards to the house while walking to the Jeep. "We don't have time, there will be more in seconds. Max, hurry and put the cats in the car." My brother ran to the car and tossed the cats in, whom were already fighting for freedom out of his arms. My mom and I went back in the house and grabbed trash bags full of clothes, books, cds, cleaning items, hygiene products, food, more weapons, and cats stuff. My brother got the litterbox and litter.

"What if we run out of litter?" My brother asked me

I shrugged, "We substitute. Dirt, sand, we can use that, too."

Walking out of the house with the second load of items, such as more bags, water barrels, toilet paper, and blankets, my dad shot zombies running towards us form the corner of the street. I reached for my spear and stake that I left on the hood of the Corolla and we got in the car quick. My dad started the car and we were out of there. We didn't know where we were going, my dad made it clear he wouldn't go to any fallout shelter because like me, he's seen his fair share of zombie movies. Instead we were going to my aunt's house because that's where our camper is. Yep, my dad bought a camper and my mother disapproved of it because it uses so much gas, but I guess during the apocalypse it saves to be my conservative father. On the way there, I looked through the bag of weapons, couple by cds. My brother looked through it too, but it was hard for both of us to look through for weapons with the squirming cats in our laps trying to get to the front seat. Both my brother and I found a weapon we liked and prepared to see our aunt who lived thirty miles away out in the country.