Test of Nerve

The blond boy from the red team spotted up and missed the penalty, it was still five all in the penalties and Steve had to score this if his team were to win this cup, as he looked around the crowd he saw the anxiety on the faces of the opposition's supporters, then he caught a glimpse of his dad's head sticking above the crowd and there was his mum beside him. His big sister Claire looking expectantly at him, he then saw his girlfriend Emily looking at him, she blew him a kiss, while returning the kiss he saw, Amy, Becky, Rachel, Joanna, Amanda and Kirsty -all of Emily's Friends- Looking at him, he saw a look of love in one of their eyes and he knew he loved them back even although he wasn't single, but he just couldn't think which one. He then remembered "I am supposed to be taking this penalty", everybody was watching him closely,he looked at his manager and coaches giving him the thumbs-up and good luck signs. His attention was then drawn to his chum Johnny, he would be the next to take a penalty if he missed, he didn't know if he wanted to miss the penalty for Johnny to score, or score it so that Johnny didn't miss or was left with the burden Johnny didn't have a girlfriend – as yet – to rely on but Steve had a strong suspicion that there was something going on between him and Emily's blond friend Becky. The referee tapped Steve on the shoulder.

"Are you going to take this or not son?"

Steve turned round, placing the ball on the penalty spot. The goalkeeper kissed his gloves -for good luck- and stood poised on his line. There was a sudden silence in the crowd. Steve tried to stare the goalie out. The referee blew his whistle. Steve started his run. There was a soft squelch from the grass. Thud! His boot struck the ball. The goalkeeper dived to his right. The ball flew past his outstretched hand. Into the back of the net. He had done it he had scored!

Amy watched Steve taking the penalty she thought he looked quite handsome with his curly mop of hair, in that moment she was envious of Emily. Sarah had always thought he was cute but now she knew she loved him 'Oh no' she thought 'he's coming over this way'

Steve erupted with sheer joy. He was jumped on by his team mates and coaches. After he had managed to drag himself away he went over to his parents who hugged him and said they were really proud of him. Claire was nowhere to be seen but he saw Johnny talking very intimately with Becky over at the end of the pitch. At that moment Emily came over to him and kissed him on the cheek.

"Are you all right" she asked

"Yeah but listen I don't think we should go out any longer" he answered looking deep into her blue eyes

"Ok" she said at last " I guess its someone else, but remember I still love you"

"I will" he answered relieved that she hadn't asked too many questions. With that however she went away to be consoled by her gang. Steve looked after her sorrowfully and was in half a mind to go after her, but then out if the corner of his eye he saw Sarah standing staring at him weirdly. He walked over, although he had no idea what he was going to tell her, he had an idea that the penalty would be useful.