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Chapter 3: For Better, Worse or Giver

The smell of freshly cut wood entered my nostrils, I favored that smell. It was the day my older cousin was to move in. My father, Zach and I were aiming to enlarge my small room that way we could both share it. The three of us couldn't do that by ourselves so we had some help from a local carpentry business. At that time I was 12 years old and Zach was 14. Even though we were two years apart I was happy to share my room with him. Usually it was just Lily and myself sharing the house. She wanted to have a sleep over and I preferred the arcade. But in the bitter end I would assume the older brother role and stay. Coincidentally because Mom and Dad had to go out. But if Zach moved in I could have fun even while watching over the slumber party. But that was a foolish assumption. As soon as Zach moved in he was constantly out and about. He went to parties, saw movies and ultimately did things I couldn't do. I don't blame Lily at all because someone had to watch her but, why just me? How come I was never given a break? I remember the day he and some woman left me to watch Lily by myself. That day...it didn't smell of wood.

"-ake up!" Someone's calling me. Since I can't see them I must be dreaming. Don't I have something I need to do? Something to return to? Suddenly, I wake up to Anya as she slaps me across the face.

"Ow! What was that for?" I asked rubbing my newly bruised cheek.

"You wouldn't wake up regardless of what I did to you. In the end I had to smack you back to consciousness. Plus it's about time we get moving on the wishes. The sooner we collect 321 wishes the better." Oh right, how could I forget? I guess that was only just a dream. Wait...what exactly did she do to me? I decided to shake it off since nothing really felt out of the order.

"How come I was out cold for so long anyway?" I asked cautiously.

"You aren't really used to travelling with the seeds yet so the first few times will take a real toll on your body. When we first arrived you were out of it so I called a friend of mine in this world to take care of you. Coincidentally, you won't be able to walk right for a while either." It is bad enough that I have to collect these wishes but now I have to start it off impaired. Just my luck.

"Speaking to the wishes I have something to show you." She said grabbing the Book of Wishes. She handed to me opening the book to its first page. In it were the names of the people I am supposed to grant three wishes to. But besides their names was just a stem but no flower on top.

"How come-."

"At the end of the wishing period the customers fate is based on the wishes they made. If the rose becomes white they are happy. If it is black then pain and misery will come. And for the white one with black splotches and thorns, well look at your situation now." I see now. So depending on the wishes you made you can either live the rest of your life happy, miserable or as a Giver.

"It is better if you learn through first hand experience so we should go. Let me just grab your cane."

Somehow I think this method is way too unfair. I think that kind of chance catches people off guard and as a result...what they could've had is out of there reach.

"Is there a way to deny the wishes?" Anya looked at me puzzled. Maybe my question can't be answered.

"Honestly, no one has tried to but I think it is possible. The problem is trying to find a person bold enough to reject wishes."

"I see," I answered slightly feeling dejected. This was all too unfair. Who would benefit from this?

After a while Anya and I were ready to set out to find our first customer. Though to me it felt like our customer was actually a victim. As we were walking I decided to look through the book to see our first customer. Her name was Jade Mccollister. We walked out of the apartment and made our way down the road, it was raining. The cane was difficult to handle and I had to pace myself. As we got closer to our destination I could only feel regret. What if we complete our job and she turns out for the worse? Technically it would be my own fault.

"Jade Mccolister, if only I could save you from this predicament. I'm sorry," I mumbled under my breath. At that moment I saw everything: to save her, to save them all...maybe.

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