The Confessions of a Minor Niner

By: Strawberripinkicakes


If you thought middle school was hard, think again. High school is about ten times worse. If "life is a journey and not a destination", how come my journey has been all downhill? Life is not like a flower, "learning to dance in the rain" will just get you a fever, "dreaming big" will give you nightmares, "taking chances" will just put you in detention, "trying something new" will get you yelled at, "knowing that everybody makes mistakes" doesn't make you feel much better because it's pretty much saying the entire world is failing at life, "if life is like a pen" then I'm running out of ink, "if life is like a seed" then I've been long planted but not watered, "if life is a long dark corridor" than I've probably already turned on all the lights, "if life is like a white sheet of paper" than I've already been printed on, and "if life is like science experiment" than I've already been tossed into the reject bin. Anyways, what I'm saying is those inspirational quotes turned into dust. They think they're helping you out, but it only makes you remember what reality is. Like hello? Whatever happened to "you're just a dream, but this is reality, totally insanity"? "Never say never" is pretty much just canceling itself out. Grade nine really makes you think about things. Friends you've had are now popular, clothes you had are now out of style, and the parents you had are now separated. You're all alone, forgotten, and rejected. Well, I'm exaggerating but you know what I mean. You know how you watch the popular kids in awe and wonder how they get to be popular, you know you like the guy that's the most popular girl in the school's boyfriend. You think to yourself, why can't I be her? Why am I not popular? Well, those thoughts can end right here. Burry them up, throw them into a chest and lock them up, throw them out the window, etc… You know what I mean. If you're anything like me, then my story starts here. It's your choice, but don't say I didn't warn you… :D

Hey guys, this is just the start of a long journey...

:) This story is kind of like a rant on highschool and life, in general.

Enjoy? :)


December 29th, 2010


Disclaimer! I do not own any of the phrases in within the quotation marks above. :)