The Confessions of a Minor Niner

By: Strawberripinkicakes

Day 2.

Dear Journal,

Okay, okay. Hold up. I'm only writing a "journal" because my parents want me to. So none of that Dear Diary crap for me. Yea, so yesterday when I came home from school, guess what was waiting for me? A new journal. Hahahahah. So interesting ): So now they actually expect me to record my "thoughts" in this lousy piece of shit that probably costs less than 5 bucks. The first day of school was lousy. I made a friend, and surprisingly it was a guy. FTW! :D Anyways, I don't think my parents are going to be reading this, well hopefully not, but anyways. Yea, so I can pretty much rant about anything on here right? I have a crap load of homework I still need to do, but that can wait, until like 11pm. xD Miyuki seems to have become really good friends with Mayumi. I wouldn't be surprised if she ditched me for her completely. My parents are so effed up! I can't believe that they actually want me switch into enriched classes. -.- I'm already like doing bad in academic, and I don't understand why Asian parents are so strict ass?! Oh God, I remember watching "High School Musical" in grade 6, and loving it. Yea, well high school is completely different from what it's like in the movies. No one breaks out into song and dance out of nowhere, and the jock doesn't end up falling in love with the nerdy girl. -.- WTF? This is reality guys, nothing like that happens at all. "Glee" is just driving me insane as well, since nothing like that actually happens in high school. The cheerleaders don't walk around school with their uniforms on, I mean what the hell? School actually sucks bull shit. I'd be surprised if I didn't fail math this semester. Anyways, well it's not every day when some new hot stranger comes to sit beside you on the bus, and you instantly become friends. Actually, life is nothing like that. I was so surprised when he came and sat beside me, I gave him my, "I'm too cool for you" attitude. That's just me, I guess. I do that a lot, especially when I'm nervous or scared. Friends don't really know that about me, so I guess I don't have to tell them. Plus, my "friends" consist of like 4 people. No, I don't have this whole crowd of people surrounding me in the halls, like some people. Ugh, I'm getting tired of writing this shit anyways, later.

"Kaori Hanako! Listen to me when I am talking to you! If you don't want to fail math this semester, I suggest you shape up and listen!" sensei yelled.

"Sorry." I mumbled angrily.

Math class is just about the worst subject ever. I couldn't get myself to focus at all during the entire class, and before I knew it, the bell rang that ended the period, which saved my life.

"Kaori, wait up!" A voice called. I turned around and saw Miyuki.

"What do you want?" I asked in an icy tone.

"Want to head over to the mall with me at lunch? And while we're at it, would you please, please introduce me to that hot guy?" She squealed.

"He has a name. It's not just 'the hot guy' there's stuff beneath his appearance. He's actually a nice guy, whose friend material. Unlike some people (cough cough)" I said while rolling my eyes.

"I know, but wouldn't he be more boyfriend material? And thanks, I'm just hanging out with Mayumi, nothing to spaz over. Calm down." Miyuki defended herself.

"I am calm. Holy fuck, you don't know how annoying it is when people say, 'calm down' to me, when I am calm. You obviously don't remember what angry looks like. Now leave before you piss me off even more." I said annoyingly.

"Wow, Kaori, don't need to act like a bitch just because you're jealous." She argued.

"I'm not jealous. I don't like how you want to use me just to get close to Hikaru-kun." I stated calmly.

"Who's Hikaru-kun?" Miyuki asked while looking confused.

"The "hot guy" you dumb ass. He has a name, Kazuki Hikaru." I said while walking away.

"Did you call me?" A voice said. I turned around and saw him.

"Oh hey." I said calmly.

"I heard you say my name like just then." He stated.

"Yea, I was telling my 'friend' what your name was." I said while rolling my eyes. "Her and her new friends seem to have taken some sort of sudden interest in you." I continued.

"Oh god. More scary bitches?" He whispered while covering his eyes.

"Anyways, Miyuki this is Kazuki." I said while grabbing her.

"Um, hey?" Kazuki said nervously.

"Hey, you're the new guy right? Well I'm Miyuki, Kaori's best friend." She said while smiling sweetly at me. What a two faced bitch.

"Yea, sure. No need to state the obvious, genius." I said sarcastically.

"Anyways, we're planning on heading over to the mall for lunch, want to join us?" she asked.

"Well actually, Kaori and I made plans to go to the café earlier. Just the two of us." He said suddenly.

"Oh, well. Can I come along?" she asked hopefully. Actually, she looked kind of pissed off.

"You obviously missed the 'just the two of us' part. Dumb ass." I said.

"Whatever, anyways, bye I guess." Miyuki said while giving me the finger. Then she walked away.

"What was that? Some sort of excuse you made up on the top of your head?" I asked.

"Yea, it seemed like you didn't really want to go to the mall with her, so I guess I just saved you. You owe me, bubble tea. Lemon kind." He said while laughing.

"Fine, but it has to be less than 200 yen. I can't afford anything higher than that." I warned.

"You can't buy anything with 200 yen! Like from the café. Never mind, I'll just pay for both of us." He said while sighing.

"Alright, sounds good to me. Now I can finally save up enough money for that laptop." I said happily.

"Fine." He said while making a face.


After lunch, I went off to class. 3rd period gym class is the worst, except for when we play volleyball and badminton. Which is what we were doing today. And I was put with the worst players in the whole fucking class. Like seriously, I don't know how someone could be that bad. It kind of surprises me how people are actually afraid of the ball, and when they have knee pads on, they don't dive for the ball! God, the front row actually expects the back row to run and get their ball when they are "scared" and "not ready" for the ball. Well too bad, cause the ball ain't waiting for you. -.- Kazuki walked in on our gym class, and I swear, all the girls started whispering and twirling their hair, and seemed to try harder at volleyball, to impress him. Like WTF? He was in our class giving our teacher some papers or something I don't know. Our teacher left for like awhile, and he actually taught some of them how to do a proper serve. Thank God. When he held their wrists or hands they would start blushing and become wide eyed. Lame. Kazuki actually came and talked to me during all of this. I felt the other girl's glares on my back, burning a hole right through me. Jealous much? Anyways, Mayumi was in my gym class, and she was like the only other person that could like actually play. She was so pissed off at what I said to Miyuki that she actually purposely shoved me when we were playing the game. She said she was sorry, but who'd believe that bitch? Then after class she actually yanked my backpack and shoved me into the wall. I told her that she was jealous and to fuck off. She tried to "slap" me, but missed completely. I slapped her across the face, and finally I left. Yay. Happiness. God. Life is so not like a flower, and why the fuck did they compare it to a flower as well? Well, the flower would probably be trampled on, but whatever. Life is like a waterfall, all downhill.

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-Sherry Huang/Strawberripinkicakes

January 4th, 2010.