Chapter one


"Ew a fresh mineral." a tall girl snickered as I passed her. Her brown eyes were cold and her two friends giggled as I remained silent and walked down the schools crowded hallways.

School started when you were thirteen years of age. For a girl like me it meant Essence training, for guys on the other hand, they had Sphere training. We were separated for school hours and we would interact and chat during break or lunch. My mother and father said good bye to us in the city before all the new students gathered into the hover cars and flew out of the floating city right above the real world. The last words I had ever said to them was I love you, but no matter what we departed with I couldn't help but feel sad. Depressed, and lost without them. In this school we new students are called minerals the very beginning of something, while the ranks of school go up from name to name the graduates are called crystal chasers or buds, and everyone in the middle is unstable essence.

"Whoa be careful mineral, you almost bumped into me!" a bud said with a tone of annoyance, I murmured an apology as I turned into a stairwell and walked down.

Buds didn't care for us minerals, it was the unstable you had to worry about as a freshman. The next door I took lead me to a semi empty hallway, there were a few minerals who hadn't gotten lost still trying to look relaxed and trying to make friends, while others were quiet and gazed at the ground in uneasiness.

"Hi there!" a girl with blond hair and beautiful light blue eyes giggled as I entered the hall. She looked innocent with her long eyelashes and pretty bright eyes, her frame was small but tough, she seemed friendly enough to me.

"Hello." I smiled at her, she beamed and jumped a little in excitement her curly hair bouncing perfectly on her shoulders.

"I'm Lin, whats your name?" she asked giddily, flashing her perfect white teeth.

I gazed at her, my name was a touchy subject. I felt mysterious and like an outsider here, I barley even looked at my mother when she said my real name. I remember being seven, and announcing I had a new name named Pink, (because at the time it was my favorite color.) mom didn't exactly approve and dad suggested flash because I used to run around the house naked when I was three, I stuck my tongue at him as always, he said the most weirdest stuff.

"Call me Wind," I supplied the unspoken words at her puzzled face, I guess I hesitated for too long. "sorry, I just recalled a good memory."

"Memories are good, my papa told me my memories can help you become stronger in the Avalon." Lin replied cheery, and before I could reply she bounced off happily to welcome new minerals. I sighed and leaned against a wall ready to take the aura test.

About an hour or so later I was pulled into a dark room, a man with a lab coat was in there with a figure that sort of resembled a human, but in the dark I couldn't be sure.

"Here is how this test is going to go," the lab man stated nicely, he pointed to the figure. "this is a being from the Avalon called a Watcher, it has swallowed the stone of immortality and has been predicting and drawing out auras for all its life."

"Wait that figure is from the Avalon?" I asked excitedly. The guy in the lab coat sighed tiredly.

"Yes a wild human that was born and raised in the Avalon, its why it doesn't have the ability to control a Sphere or Essence." I nodded at the man, and he lead me to a seat beside the creature in the dark room.

I squinted my eyes to see the creature better and I made out that she was a woman possibly in her mid twenty's, she was very pretty and had little marks and symbols that glistened slightly with what seemed like a heart beat.

"Hello," the creature whispered. "you look nice. Healthy and strong." its voice chimed like small little bells.

"Thank you, from what I can see you are very pretty. How is the Avalon?" I asked curiously, the creature shook its head.

"I am not allowed to tell, but I think you will find it amazing." the creature smiled and its teeth were jagged and sharp, her symbols glowed a brilliant vibrant green. As she touched my cheek with her hand and shuddered slightly.

"I'm looking for adventure, I hope I see more Watchers. I would love tot talk to you again." I said politely, the creature was silent as its eyes glowed dark green and flickered.

"Adventure, you will find. Nature bearer." she smiled, I tilted my head.

"Nature bearer?" I asked gazing at her. She lifted her hand from my cheek and the glowing patterns went back to a normal pulse of white, she smiled beautifully before whispering.

"This child's aura is a vibrant green, it may seem surprising and I made sure to double check, but its green." she said, more to the guy with the lab coat then me. The lab man fumbled with his pen and paper, furiously jotting down this discovery in her little notepad.

"That's amazing! I was sure the biology lab was going to be empty yet again this year, it has been for many millenniums!" the lab guy exclaimed, I stood up awkwardly.

"Yes, even this year. There is more electricity holders this year then there ever has been." the Watcher said.

The lab guy nodded. "Indeed."

the guy turned and gathered some papers before handing them to me. "Here is your class schedule." he said, giving me three papers filled with times and classes.

"but this is a mix of classes! I thought I chose what I wanted to study!" I exclaimed as my eyes grew wide from the many printed numbers littering the page.

"The school mustn't take any chances, if you are the only one with a green aura. Then you should learn everything there is to know. Besides Nature bearers have to stay here in the real world longer then any of the other classes anyway." he replied pushing me out of the room, "Now go! Your first class starts in twenty minutes, be sure you are ready!"

The other students looked at me oddly as the aura room closed, I giggled nervously.

"I uh... don't know why hes so excited." I said to them before walking back up the stairs and into the Essence school.

This was the start, where everything began, and where everything and everyone I ever have known back in the city had ended. This was just a natural way of growing up, and we minerals had the shortest end of the stick.

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