Chapter 9

Demon form

"She has been in there for days now, I heard the elders discussing how peculiar it is." I heard a young woman on the other side of the crystal.

"I don't find it peculiar at all," I heard Ross on the other side of the crystal. "her power is vast, even if her essence was damaged. I couldn't see her, only captain Lucia did."

"Wow," the woman gasped. "your so lucky to be lieutenant of squad five. I always wanted to be a tamer but I fell into the wind whisperer squad. Not like its a demotion or anything, squad two is very fun too." the woman giggled to herself. I heard Ross yawn.

"Well considering her injuries, I don't think she will awaken till next week. I'm going to observe the new tamer students and pick out some favorites." Ross chuckled and I heard his graceful footsteps as he walked away. The woman sighed, and came closer to the crystal.

I stared at her, we were face to face. She had green eyes and long beautiful blond hair, her ears were slightly pointed and she seemed to struggle to look through the crystal walls. Her curiosity was shown plainly on her face, as she tried to see me. After some time she sighed and relaxed, leaning against the crystal.

"Ugh, I bet its some hoax. I cant see anything through this dumb crystal." the elf pouted, turning to my crystal chamber once again in annoyance and kicking the crystals outer walls. The echo it made rang through my ears and I cringed from it.

"Hah, I bet I could easily break this crystal in half with my power. Some mere human cant have more power then an elf like me!" the woman boasted to herself, letting the wind around her blow fiercely.

"Maybe I should see if I can call my wind guardian, he would shatter the crystal in half!" she giggled, swaying her hands in a swift movement. I felt her power flow through the crystal, it was amazing. The dark glow of her aura pulsed and screamed, it made my essence shake and rattle against the chain attached to me.

It was if my essence had a mind of its own, it struggled away from me. Trying to pull itself loose from the chain so desperately. In curiosity, I moved my arm and grabbed the light chain. It was warm, but I could feel it. Pulsing with my heart beat, imprisoning the essence that struggled under it. I yanked the chain out of my body, and it snapped. The light of my essence turning from gold to a empowering brilliant red. The pain that shot up from my chest to my hands caused me to scream, and squirm. The small essence, I released circled me glowing and giving off much power. I felt my body changing, growing more powerful and agile. The tremendous gain of power and pain shot out, and cracked the crystal. A gigantic beam of aura that shot out crumbled the crystal aside, I closed my eyes as bits of crystal flew out in different directions. When I opened them again I stood in front of a gigantic snake, that seemed to be made out of entirely wind and leafs.

"What... is that? Who is that? Guardian! Protect me from her!" the elf woman was scared of me, hiding behind her wind monster for support.

I didn't blame her, as I looked down at my body. I was hunched over and I had huge claws that glowed a brilliant red. My skin was as white as paper, with pulsing red markings that covered my right claw and left beast like foot.

"Lino, that monsters claws are cursed. She will be able to hurt you!" the elf shakily warned. Lino calmly gazed at me and hissed, sending waves of light at me that I gracefully blocked with a effortless wave of my hand. I smirked in a sadistic way, feeling my power naturally flow to me.

I felt nothing towards this elf and this new body only craved for destruction. Quickly without thinking of what do do, I jumped at the guardian and slashed the wind being with my sharp claws. Killing it instantly, my power was too great for the small petty guardian.

"Back off from that human Trisha! She morphed herself into her demonic form!" an old voice was heard behind me, I glanced and saw six or seven different people rushing towards us.

"I-I'm sorry! I didn't realize!" Trisha responded, backing away from me.

"The only reason why you have not is because she hasn't gained her animal familiar yet. Let me handle the new born." a younger but stronger voice was heard in the ever growing crowd.

I turned my back on the elf, gleeful and blood thirsty for my next challenger. It was someone I knew though, I recognized her animal ears and tail from anywhere. It was captain Lucia.

"The human's dominant powers are tamer class, I'll get her back to normal." she calmly assured. She confidently walked with flare up to me, her aura spilling out through her animal ears and tail. Her aura, unlike mine was different, it was calmer and vastly more stable. The light blue aura surrounded her hands, feet, and animal parts. For a second I saw her rather large essence being ripped from her hand, breaking her chain on that attached the beautiful stone to her body. It was different however, the elf did not have a crystal essence, it seemed like a more condensed part of her aura.

"Demonic tiger! The evil prominent side, assist me!" the elf hissed. Her animal form was a beautiful dark orange tiger, the animal was clearly shown through her aura. I almost felt the majestic beasts power through its rather calm stare and confident energy.

The being she transformed into was very different, the tiger was black and had red stripes that scaled her whole body. Instead of a beautiful tiger form, dangerous with its fangs and sharp claws. The black tiger had half of a human body with a black tail. The humans glowing red eyes were demonic, and a long scythe was attached to its back. A long row of spikes from her head formed all the way to the tip of her tail, and her hands ended in retractable claws. The blackened aura leaked off of her like steam, a beautiful nightmare that stood deadly and powerful, right in front of me.

The last thing I remembered from the two millisecond fight was her dark claws grabbing at my essence, that circled the outside of me.