If Only You Knew…

I still recall the day when I first met you.

Those were the days of my childhood.

I remember myself crying, and you comforted me.

That was when I knew I liked you.

Yet, with the passing years, you remained unaware.

During the last year of elementary school,

You ignored me. You hated me, and I always questioned myself,

"What did I do?"

Our conversations slowly turned into glares,

Glares turned into arguments, and arguments turned into silence.

Even now, as you continue to ignore me,

My heart is breaking, shattering with each past minute.

I never knew the reason why you hated me so much,

I struggled to find an answer, for too many years.

You did know that I liked you, yet you always treated me terribly.

But you did nothing.

I covered up my feelings by saying, "I hate you."

I didn't ever hate you. Never.

I forced myself to smile throughout the years,

But now, it's time I stopped.

I loved you, and still do.

My heart still remains broken, even after six years.

Give me a chance, give love a chance.

Though, I can only say this, once more.

And since these years have gone by,

It's time to let you go.

It's been too long, I've waited too long.

But if you only knew…

And today, it's New Year's Eve.

I can no longer put up with this,

Maybe it is time, I finally let you go.

Good bye.

December 31, 2010

New Years Eve.

Written about me, and i guess someone special to me.

It's a true story.

Only friends who have known me very well, know the person I am talking about.

I decided to write this, because I thought to myself, 2010 is over today. I have something down in my heart, which has been bugging me all these years. Maybe, it's finally time, that I let it out, and let it go.

-Strawberripinkicakes/Sherry Huang

December 31st, 2010.