2011 has arrived, he's not waiting at the door
He barged right in, telling you to forget what happened before
2010 got killed, dead, in the process,
but it's ok, it's over, time for that new beginning you've been looking for

2011 looks so innocent, yet to be corrupted,
yet to have been hurt, yet to be touched. 2011
smiles for you, hoping to make it better
hoping to fix your heart which 2010 tore to pieces
(and you're still holding on to)

2011 is growing all around you, 3 hours 35 have passed
only another 12 months to go
2011 wants it to be good, happy and excitable,
making the same promises 2010 made 12 months ago…

How long 'til 2011 lets you down? He's smiling sweetly now
How long 'til it all goes wrong again? It's brand spanking new
What could possibly go wrong… only nothing, only everything

2011 is just beginning, 2010 waits to be buried
but he'll live on in your mind, as you're forced to leave him behind.
The fireworks have stopped now, 2011 is accepted,
2010 had well and truly been left behind
but not by you… it's still in your mind…

You and 2010 had some amazing times
crying until it hurt or laughing 'til you cried
you can't forget a day of it. Now 2011 here's and you don't want
to begin again. 2011 is here, and he's not going away.

2011 gives a little bow, dances to the music,
anything for attention, anything for acceptance
from you. It's time to let go, it's time to move on.
Eventually you extend your hand and smile at 2011.

2010 is dead and you bury him and
leave it behind without so much as a goodbye. It was a
long and painful time you shared,
but 2011 is here and shiny and new
and he hasn't let you down…

My friend Paula was doing this 101 in 365 which is where you set yourself 101 challenges to do in a year and she suggested I did it as well so I did. I haven't wrote a poem in ages and one of mine was 'Start writing poetry again'. Then before I knew it, it was 3:35 on January 1st 2011, and I wrote this because 2010 was hard and you have to believe in the future because what else is there? Originally I had '... at least not yet' at the end, but I took it out because I'm trying to look at the positives Please R&R, ly'all.