I blinked, confused. Where am I? I thought back trying to remember something, but all I can remember is a forest. A forest drenched in ice cold snow. I inspected my new surroundings. It seemed I was in a little house. There was a dresser against one of the side walls, a night stand by the bed I lay in, and a little table in the middle of the room. My only escape was a door across from me; the only problem was there was a man lying in between me and it.

He was a gorgeous man. His handsome square face was slightly flushed. In my study of this man I noticed his thick coarse black hair had an unnatural red sheen to it and his skin tone was a beautiful pale one. His black hair and pale skin should not have matched, but it did, amazingly.

As I contemplated how I was going to escape the man on the ground stirred. I watched contently as his eyes fluttered open. I gasped when his eyes met mine, I heard him do the same. My eyes were very rare and I can understand why I might have shocked him. My eyes were a beautiful icy pale blue rimmed in the lightest and harshest of greens. His was the complete opposite of mine. They were a stunning bright ruby red outlined in a color so dark it appeared to be black.

"You are awake I see," his voice was music to my ears. It was smooth, deep, and quite pleasant.

"Yes," I replied easily, "it seems I am." He smiled at the sound of my voice which I already knew he would. What guy wouldn't? People from all over the world have complimented my voice, saying it was that of an angel's. His smile though was that of one to. His smile was brilliant. His teeth were perfectly straight and pearly white.

"So," he said smoothly. "What is your name? And why on earth were you in the woods?" The last of his words were tinted with concern.

"My name is…" I hesitated trying to recall what exactly my name was. "My name is Adora, and I do not know why I was in the woods. In fact I can not remember much of anything."

He pondered this for a moment, the spoke softly, "Well Adora, I will help you as much as I can." He stood and started to put on his jacket that he had used as a cover. "Also, my name is Andreas. You can put these on since your clothes are very thin," he said throwing me some clothes off the dresser. I caught them easily and then watched him stalk out of the little house.

After I realized he wasn't going to be walking back in I inspected the clothes. I was relieved that I had something else to wear. At the moment all I had on was a blue short dress that was very thin. Andreas had given me a shirt, a pair of pants, and a jacket. The shirt was a thick vee cut blue sweater that matched my eyes perfectly. The pants and jacket were both made of a very thick black material. I quickly put the clothes on; everything fit perfectly on me.

After I left Adora in the house I walked to Synn's house, thinking along the way. Our village shuns magic more than most tribes. My little village is too scared of magic. Maybe that's why Aislinn does not like Adora. Maybe she really is a witch. Just like Synn joked about. If someone had overheard she would have been dead. I shake my head trying to convince myself that there had to be some other reason. It is weird though, I thought. Aislinn usually loves outsiders. Although the tribe is running low on food, this maybe the reason Aislinn does not want her here. The leader for this year did say not to show mercy on anyone.

I had finally arrived at Synn's place. I pushed open the door and strode in not worrying about knocking. What warned me something was wrong first was the quietness, usually it's very loud. Today there was no sound at all. Synn most of the time was knocking things over, stomping through the house, or singing.

I quickly walked over to the far door and pulled it open. Synn unlike most has a two room home. The living room and kitchen are in the front part, the other room is his bedroom. I looked in on the room. It contained an ordinary dresser, a little table, a chair, and a bed. The room was empty.