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Ashlin stood in the corner of the room, waiting for something to catch her attention. She was faking all of the usual smiles and being as polite as she could allow herself to be. Her parents parties were just so... Dull. There wasn't really any other way to describe them.

They were socialites which meant that as their daughter she had to put in regular appearances. It became a hassle when she started growing up and wanting out of the limelight. As a part of a rich and powerful family, though, she didn't get much of a chance to at childhood. Her parents had squashed almost any chance of rebellion when they hired her personal bodyguard.

However, having a body guard hadn't stopped her from trying. On a regular occasion she visited the Tatoo and Piercing shop, spending her free time doing what she wanted to most.

Her plans for the future were clear and concise. She was going to go to business school, get a degree, and inherit the shop from Thelma. Imagine her dad's disappointment when she told him she wasn't going into politics. Both of her parents had decided to try for another child after she had revealed her plans.

Apparently she had never, and would never, be good enough for them. Even if she was happy with where she was headed, they just couldn't let it go. Fortunately she wouldn't have to put up with their lifestyle for much longer.

She was a month from eighteen and on her birthday she would be rid of the elitists for good. There was no going halfway in their world. You were either in or out, and she was definitely out.

As the party continued on around her she forced a smile a began to mingle. There seemed to be a couple of new faces and she was intrigued. This social circle wasn't the easiest to break into.

When she caught sight of him her breath caught in her throat. She was stunned by how gosh-darn good looking he was.

He was wearing black slacks and a cream colored button-down, the formalness of which should have automatically turned her off. His jet-black hair was gelled into partial spikes and she could swear that his teeth were whiter than a blank sheet of paper. Just looking at him sent chills down her spine.

However, as she watched him she couldn't help but feel even more attracted to him. His personality was electrifying. Unlike her, he didn't seem to be faking his happiness to be there.

He caught her looking at him and sent a quick, dashing smile her way. If she had to guess he couldn't have been any older than twenty-five.

Having been caught staring she quickly tore her gaze away and waded back into the crowd. It wasn't until much later in the evening, when she had rejoined her parents, that they were properly introduced.

"Ashlin," her father called out. "This is Michael. He is an up-and-coming politician. Michael, my daughter Ashlin."

"Jason," he acknowledged. "Nice to finally meet you Ashlin. Do you mind if I ask how old you are?"

Someone from work approached and pulled my parents away, leaving us alone together. "I'll be eighteen on the twentieth."

He seemed to ponder this for a long moment. "So not too young?"

"That would depend on what, exactly you are implying," she answered.

For a moment she could recognize the flirtation in her own voice. Her smile quickly fell as she realized she could easily be charmed into the same lifestyle as her parents.

"I don't know what you're talking about," he denied, an arrogant smirk forming on his face. "So tell me, why are you so unhappy to be here?"

"You're a politician. I'm sure you wouldn't understand," she dismissed, picking up a glass of champagne from the passing waiter.

"Ah. But you haven't given me a chance."

Her lips twitched upwards, almost forming a wistful smile. "It's different when you grow up in this life. If you don't earn your way here then you don't get respect. Besides, these people are a bunch of snobs. I don't see how you could want to work for them for the rest of your life."

Upon hearing her answer he shrugged his shoulders, as if suddenly unsure of himself. "I don't think they're that bad," he replied uncomfortably. "Anyway... I like your tattoos."

She thought for a moment that he might be a womanizer. He obviously wasn't used to a woman who didn't fall at his feet.

Something caught her eye across the room and he turned to try to see what it was. Suddenly she was shaking his hand.

"Well it was nice to meet you, but it appears that my knight in shining armor has arrived. I've got a date with a needle and can't be late."

She quickly slipped away from him, darting across the room to the front door. He called after her, wondering how they would meet again.

All he could do was watch as she disappeared, slowly flexing his hands. That's when he noticed the crumbled up piece of paper in his hand.

He unfolded it, hoping that maybe she hadn't actually left him hanging.

In neat, cursive scrawl she had written out: You look too good to be a politician. Maybe you should consider a career change.

Right there, under her note, there was a number. Hopefully it was her own and the night wouldn't be a complete waste.

Once she was finished at the shop she had returned home, tucking herself into bed. It wasn't until she was almost asleep that her phone actually rang.

Maybe he wasn't a heartless politician afterall.