By Scheherzade


"You know, if both of us grow old and aren't married by the time we're thirty, we'll get hitched."

She looked up, her eye brow raised, a smile tugging at the corner of her lips. She chuckled, pulling off her reading glasses and looking at the boy lounging in the chair beside her, tipping it back on two legs. He stared back at her, a playful grin on his face. Dropping her pen, she demanded, "What?"

"You heard me. If we both hit thirty and are unmarried, unhappy poor souls, we'll drive to a church and get married," he laughed at the look on her face. Running a hand through his dark hair, completely at ease, he chuckled, "Come on, I can't be worse than no husband."

She shook her head at her best friend, laughing lightly, her eyes skimming her chemistry notes, "I'm trying to study."

He leaned forward and grabbed her notes, stuffing them into his bag, ignoring her angry protests. Looking up, he grinned, showing off his straight and sparkling teeth, the dimples tugging at her heart like they always did. "First agree to my proposal."

"Oh, come on, this is ridiculous -"

"No, first agree that we'll get married if we're both thirty and unmarried. Agree!"

She sighed, her face carefully expressionless, her lips in a straight line but her eyes twinkling with laughter. She leaned across him, trying to grab his bag where he had hidden her notes. "But I want to have children, you retard!"

"So do I! And I'm perfectly capable of having children, mind you!"

"But that means we'd have to have sex!" He stopped dead, with her sprawled across his lap in an attempt to grab her notes from his bag. "Do you want to have sex with your best friend?"

He grinned down at her, throwing those dimples at her again, his eyes sparkling away with laughter, "You've got quite voluptuous curves, sweetheart. I certainly wouldn't mind bedding you. May I remind you of how we even became friends? I was trying to get your number."

"Yes, yes, we all know you're secretly in love with me," she joked, laughing as she straightened up, "Give me back my notes!"


"No! Notes!"




"Alright fine! Damon Stone - If I, Reah Drake, am unmarried when I hit thirty, I promise to wed you," she rolled her sparkling blue eyes, holding her hand out, "Notes."

"Here you go, nerd," He smiled, handing her the neatly organized file.

She sighed, throwing him a look, "Thank you, ass."

"You love me."

She laughed, "Let's not push it. Now shoo. I need to revise."

While she poured over her notes, he tipped his chair back on two legs, trying to learn definitions and formulas for their chemistry theory exam. They always studied together like this; especially for chemistry, because he was completely hopeless at it. Hell, they did everything together. They weren't called Damrea for no reason. Attached at the hip, they were hardly seen apart. But that's because they were simply inseparable best friends.

Of course, the narrow minds of people didn't allow them to comprehend this piece of information. They believed there were 'feelings' involved. But all Damon and Reah could do after hearing this was shake their heads or laugh; they knew better. They were best friends and nothing more and knowing this information and believing it to be completely solid made them feel secure with each other. This feeling of security of friendship meant they could joke with each other in every single way possible; Damon would often find a way to bring filth into the conversation - not that Reah really minded.

"So to convert grams into moles, you multiply them with the - For God's sake, Reah, I'm fucking tired of this shit!" Damon moaned, stuffing his paper in his bag and loosening his tie. He leaned forward and slammed her books shut, drawing out an audible gasp from her. He grinned, "Oh come on, the test is in a week. We have ample amount of time. Let's go get something to eat."

"You ass," she whispered, her face pale as she casted him a death glare. "I was reading that!"

"Whoop - dee - fucking - doo," he rolled his eyes, standing up. He leaned forward, grabbed her bag and began to stuff all her books and papers into her bag, zipping it up and handing it to her. "There. Now let's go and get some food, I'm starving."

She rolled her eyes, "Promise we'll study later?"

He burst out laughing, holding out his hand for her to take, "I promise, nerd."

She took it, giggling herself. They walked out of Hendon's library, into the corridors leading to the student's lounge where they would curl up with good junk food, enjoying the last of their saturday night. The two attended the prestigious Hendon High boarding school, the very best in all of England with the highest rate of college acceptances. It was a school full of the richest of the rich; a school full of spoiled brats, sent away for most of the year only to return in the summers or the christmas breaks.

Damon was sent to this school by his insufferable mother. His reluctance to abide by the family rules left him with the title of the bad seed of the family; a son close to being disowned. They didn't approve of his career choice; Damon wanted to be a photographer but the Stone family only approved of him being a doctor, lawyer or engineer. Constant heated arguments and attempts at running away had led Mr. and Mrs. Stone to cart Damon off to Hendon High; a place known for it's discipline.

Reah's case was different. She was the heir to one of the largest empires in England; a company that provided 70% of the electricity in the country. It was safe to say that she was loaded beyond belief. But the catch? She was an orphan. Her parents had passed away in a car crash a few years ago, after which her father's loyal partner had vowed to take care of the empire until she was old enough to take the job of her father. Until then, she was sent to Hendon High to live a normal, teenage life.

People couldn't understand how the two - Damon and Reah - were best friends. They were two strikingly different people; Damon was a playboy, using his dark good looks to land himself with dates (especially dates in his bed). Reah was, for lack of better words, a nerd, completely set on getting the best result whereas Damon couldn't care less where his grades went. He still managed to remain in the top twenty five students of the school somehow - Reah couldn't understand for the life of her how. But despite the fact that the two were different like black and white, they were interlaced into each others lives more than anyone or anything else. In fact, it was their differences and the fact that they had frequent arguments that got them attached at the hip. After every fight, a certain depth was added to their friendship, which made it all the more solid - removing the silver bonds, only to replace them with stronger golden bonds, ensuring an everlasting friendship.

"I got an email from my mother," Damon said as he handed Reah her coffee, taking a sip of his and pulling a face at the hot temperature of the delicious drink.

"Oh, no," Reah grimaced, "What did she say?"

"The usual."

"And what did you say?"

"I told her to fuck off."



"You can't talk to your mother like that!"

"Why not? She's trying to ruin my life, Reah!"

"She gave birth to you! And you know she has your best interests at heart."

"If you can call lighting up the family name through your son and his work keeping my best interests at heart, then okay."

"Oh, you poor little victim you," Reah rolled her eyes, linking her arm with Damon's, chuckling, "Sometimes your bitterness makes me laugh."

He smiled, "You love my bitterness."

"Well, it's a nice change from your arrogance."

"Oh you girls. You never tell the truth."

"If you have such a thing against girls, why do you go after them so much?" Reah cocked an eyebrow. "Why do you spend seventy five percent of your time chasing after girls and drawing up plans to 'bed' them if you don't like them, hm?"

Damon pretended to be lost in thought, as if he was gazing into the unknown before saying, "Of course I like girls, you retard. Girls are such fascinating creatures. So complex. I mean, their lips say 'no, no' but their eyes say 'yes, yes.'"

Reah burst out laughing, spitting out the hot coffee from her mouth, almost doubling over in laughter, "Did you seriously just say that?"

He raised his eyebrow, smiling at her. She grinned up at him, both of them having one of their golden moments when someone suddenly tapped Reah's shoulder, making her turn around. She saw a young boy, about a year or two younger to her, looking as if he was itching to go. She frowned, "Yeah?"

"I was asked to give this to you," he grumbled, handing her a red envelope.

She took it, turning it over curiously, "What is it?"

He shrugged, "I don't know, Drake. I was just asked to give it to you."

"But who told you to give it?" she pressed.

"For fuck's sake, I don't know!"

"Hey!" Damon yelled, grabbing hold of the younger boy's elbow and growling, "Don't you dare talk to her like that. Apologize. Right now."

The boy rolled his eyes, trying to hide the terror and fear that had captivated his body when Damon Stone grabbed him, infuriated. He had heard what Stone's punches were, how much they hurt, what dark bruises they left. He had no intention of being scarred for months, so he stuttered out an apology, "Sorry, Drake."

She nodded once before grabbing hold of Damon and steering him away to one of the couches. She had the red letter in her hand, staring at it, confused. "This looks odd. What do you think it is?"

"No idea," Damon yawned, "Open it and see."

She carefully ripped the letter open, pulling out her spectacles from her bag and slipping them onto the bridge of her nose, reading over the crisp white paper and the letters inked onto it. As she continued down the page, Damon could see her eyes widen, could see her lips part, see the shock leak from her eyes and onto her face, rearranging her expression. She burst out laughing, her cheeks red as she handed Damon the letter. He frowned, taking it only to read what he believed to be the cheesiest message in the history of all cheesy letters.


Roses are red, violets are blue
What I want for christmas is you and only you

"What the fuck?" Damon whispered, his own eyes wide and twinkling with laughter as Reah rolled around on the couch, clutching her stomach, her laughter bouncing off the walls and hitting Damon - making him erupt into an endless line of chuckles as well. "You have a secret admirer - You?"

Reah wiped the corner of her eye with the cuff of her jacket, still giggling, "This is hilarious."

"Well, well, what do you know, Miss Drake," Damon grinned, putting an arm around his best friend's shoulder and pulling her closer, "We might not have to get married at thirty after all."

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