"In the noise of this world, we have died in learning what life is all about"
- Bilal Khan


"Did you hear?"

"Damon Stone's been hooking up all over the place."

"I guess he's unleashed himself, now that he's been tied up for so long by that Reah girl."

"He's wild and hot."

"He's so hot. Why is he still so hot?"

"Oh my God, I'd like, kill for him."

Reah rolled her eyes at the useless gossiping echoing around her, thick in the air, hanging over her with a certain pressure that had her face in a constant frown. Instead of apologizing to her for undermining the horrors of her past, he had simply ignored her and bed enough girls to fill a tiny house with.

What was even up with that? And that saddest part was that it was affecting Reah. She found herself constantly irritated, constantly at an edge - Sebastian and Betty complained that she was on permanent PMS mood these days, but after finding out the reason why, they didn't bug her. In fact, they cast each other knowing, sly smirks.

"Woah, that's Damon's sixth girl in five days," Sebastian said, turning his face away from the disturbing view of a lip locked Damon and Haley Sparks. He was grinning at Reah, "I don't think he's been like this ever since you and him became best friends."

Reah shrugged, "He can go and catch an STD for all I care."

"Oh, come on, mate," Betty giggled, "You can't still be that mad at him."

"Oh, I am," Reah stabbed her eggs with her fork, her lips set in a straight line, "And I'm going to wait for him to apologize to me."

"But you guys are practically joined at the hip," Sebastian groaned, slamming his glass of apple juice onto the table, "You do know that Damon's ego's just about the size of Russia, right? I don't think he's ever seriously apologized to anyone in his entire life. He's always been such a bastard, that one."

"Then why are these girls hanging off his arm if he's such an arse?" Betty demanded.

Sebastian shrugged, "He might be an arse but he's a sexy arse. Mind it. Plus, girls are all into that bad boy image - Couple that with his good looks and you get yourself a first class playboy like Damon Stone."

"Why don't you try becoming a bad boy then?" Reah asked playfully, raising her eyebrow.

Sebastian chuckled, running a hand through his tousled blonde hair, "The girl I like isn't much of a fan of bad boys."

"And who exactly is this mystery girl of yours?" Betty raised her eyebrow, questioning him.

Sebastian smiled, "The most beautiful girl in the school."

"Look what he's doing!" Reah groaned, pointing at Damon's direction with her fork. They turned to see him locking lips with Haley, groping her in public. He even opened an eye to make sure Reah was watching at which she rolled her eyes, "Why is he making out with girls to get me to apologize? For God's sake, I can play at this game too."

"Oh really?" Sebastian chuckled.

"Kiss me, Sebastian," Reah demanded.

His eyes widened, "What?"

"Go on, I have to make him jealous."

"Are you fucking crazy?"

"Oh don't be such an are - "

"Reah's insane!"

"Kiss me!"


"I find this conversation highly hilarious," Betty hooted, her hand stuffed into her mouth to stifle her loud laugh.

"Fine," Reah hissed at Sebastian, angrily crossing her arms over her chest, "Fine, don't kiss me! I'll find someone else."

"You know I wouldn't mind kissing you, babe. But between kissing you and keeping my life, I choose the latter. Don't you remember when I made a pass at you back in the eleventh grade? Damon all but murdered me. Now what would Hendon High do without my charm and good looks?"

"Be STD free and a lot better off?" Betty offered.

"You're so funny I forgot to laugh," Sebastian glared playfully.

Reah sighed, running a hand through her wild curls. She was staring around the room, wondering who would be the perfect boy to use as a way of irritating Damon. She was about to give up the search with her eyes when Wes Hamilton, a gorgeous boy (someone known to have a crush on her) who was also conveniently Damon's room mate, passed her table.

"Wes!" Reah called out, smiling her most dazzling smile.

He turned around, smiling brightly when he saw that it was Reah addressing him. "Hi, Reah."

Reah got up, walking over to where he was standing, quite aware of Damon's burning gaze on her back. She laughed loudly at all the jokes Wes made, flirtatiously bit her lower lip, smiled as dazzlingly as she could until he was completely awed and asked her out on a date tonight. She hurriedly said yes, grinning at the blonde boy before walking back over to her table.

"Mission accomplished," she grinned before scooping up her cereal and into her mouth. She looked up to see Betty and Sebastian, watching her with odd looks. "What?"

Sebastian shook his head, "Nothing. I just find it a bit odd that you both are dating other people to get to each other."

"Not befriending them," Betty smirked.

"Dating them," Sebastian chuckled, "Come on, Betty. We should get going to art class."

They left Reah at the table to ponder over what they had said. Indeed, before leaving the breakfast hall, they looked back to see her sitting with a troubled and puzzled look on her face, undoubtedly trying to find an answer but obviously failing to.

Stone: Hey.

Her eyes widened after seeing the IM message from Damon on her laptop screen. Throwing Jane Eyre aside, she pulled the computer onto her lap, her fingers hovering over the keyboard for a minute, not knowing what to say.

Redrake: Hey.

Stone: Is it true?

Redrake: What?

Stone: That you're going out with that fucking douche bag Hamilton

Redrake: Oh. That. Of course it's true.

Stone: I warned you against him, Reah.

Redrake: Oh whatever Damon. Don't pretend like you can tell me what to do now after ignoring me for three days straight. Thanks for that, btw.

Stone: Well sorry, little miss PMS, you weren't in a very dandy mood the past couple of days.

Redrake: Oh yeah? Well WHO'S to thank for THAT?

Stone: It's not like you've been making it easy. It's hard not to get angry at you.

Redrake: Oh for fuck's sake, Damon, you've been best friends with me for the past three years. You've never gotten angry at me like that.

Stone: Yeah, because you've never bitched about me like you did that day.

Redrake: Bitched about you?! What are you even TALKING about?

Stone: "Damon can't handle me, damon can't do this, damon can't do that"

Redrake: Oh get over yourself. Stop screwing with my mind. I don't want to talk to you unless you're going to apologize to me.

Stone: APOLOGIZE TO YOU? For what?!

Redrake: For being a complete arse yesterday.

Stone: You really think I'm going to apologize?

Redrake: If you're not going to, you're really not the man I thought you were.

Redrake has signed off.

The fire was igniting the student common room with a butter scotch glow, the fireplace drawing the six of them to the couches surrounding it. Reah, cuddled up next to Wes shared the love seat sitting directly opposite of Damon and a blonde girl Reah had forgotten the name of. Betty and Sebastian sat together on the bulky green couch, filling the awkward silence with their useless banter.

"You know, I used to like brunettes," Damon began, cutting off the random argument Betty and Sebastian were having about hair color. Damon looked straight at me, before smiling down at his girlfriend who was all but straddling him, "But I think I prefer blondes now."

"Oh, same here. Brunette boys over here are just so full of themselves don't you think?" Reah said to Wes, running a hand through his gold locks.

"Brunette girls too," Damon nodded to the blonde, placing his hand on her thigh, "All they do is whine and complain -"

"And all the brunette boys are a bank for STD's -"

"And they cry over chemistry tests -"

"And they make plans to get married at thirty -"

"And they take advantage of all of the naive boys -"

"And they cry when they watch Bright Star -"

"IT WAS THAT ONE TIME, OKAY? And I didn't cry, I just had wet eyes from all the nacho stench thanks to Betty over there," Damon said, fury knitting his features in a rather attractive way. Reah caught herself for a second - Why did she notice that in the first place? "Besides - I wasn't the only one crying," he cast a glance at Sebastian.

"Dude, I have a thing for John Keats," Sebastian chuckled, "My tears were justified."

"You guys were talking about each other?" the blonde asked, raising a perfectly arched eyebrow up at Damon.

"Oh yeah," Damon gestured to me carelessly, "Epitome of an annoying brunette."

"But aren't you two best friends?" she asked, looking between Damon and Reah feverishly.

Reah smiled, "I'm sorry, what's your name again?"

"Sadie," she supplied.

"Right. Well, you see, Damon has a rather large head. Now this large head is so enormous that he can't differ between right and wrong. This large head means he's got an ego the size of Texas, which means this jerk of a best friend refuses to apologize and until then, he is not a friend of mine. Okay, Katie?"

"My name is Sadie."

"Do I really look like I care, sweetheart?"

"Damn, Reah Drake's being mean. I didn't think I'd live to see that," Sebastian grinned down at his best friend, throwing an army around Reah's shoulders and pulling her closer, rubbing her scalp with his his fist, "Atta girl, I knew you had it in you!"

Damon suddenly heaved a great sigh, drawing all the attention towards him. He looked up at Reah, running a hand over his face and then revealing it to look exhausted, "Honestly, Reah you know I'll never apologize."

Reah stood up, her eyes livid, "Then I guess we won't be friends anymore."

Damon looked stumped, for once not knowing what to say. Reah walked out of the common room and into the corridor leading to the girls' dorms, before the doors were thrown open and Damon came rushing, following her, his face set in stone, "You don't mean that."

"You undermined the worst thing that had ever happened to me in my life," Reah spoke bitterly, seeming to be on the verge of tears, "You made me feel like an ungrateful little spoiled brat when I know perfectly well it's completely justified for me to feel like shit. Until and unless you apologize for making me feel that way Damon, I don't think I can be your friend."

"You doubted me," Damon stated, his eyes getting a sudden darkness that Reah had never seen before.

Reah smiled, "And I apologized right there and then for it. I don't know what you want me to do, Stone, but I'm done sniveling apologies to you."

"Me," Damon ignored her, "Who had been right there with you, through out the whole time, me. You doubted me."

"And you told me I'm wrong for being unhappy," Reah whispered, her eyes suddenly brimming with tears. "Tell me, Damon," she pulled down a sleeve, showing her shoulder to reveal a dark, ugly bruise, embedded into the whiteness of her skin, surrounded by short cuts that looked like deep fingernail marks, "Should I be flipping ecstatic after this?"

Damon turned away from, closing his eyes and pinching the bridge between them, as if the view of her mangled shoulder pained his eyes.

"No, tell me!" She screamed, turning him around to see his agonized face. Suddenly, in the very public corridor that was thankfully empty, she pulled off her black blouse, leaving her standing there in her black bra, exposing a lot skin. But that creamy white skin was covered in bruises, those short finger nail marks, deep in her skin. "Should I be fucking dandy after this?"

"Reah," Damon's voice was thick, upset.

Reah screamed, throwing her black blouse at Damon, meaning to hurt him in any way possible, "I'm such a rich spoiled brat, aren't I? Crying even though so many people have worse lives than me? Yeah, Damon. My life is very good - My parents are dead, I'm not allowed to be what I want, I've been marked and bruised for all time -"

"Reah, don't -"

"PERFECT LIFE, ISN'T IT?" she screamed, taking a step forward in her black bra and jeans, her hair falling wildly around her shoulders. Despite the dark bruises, Damon had not seen a more beautiful sight in his whole life. She stepped forward and suddenly hit him, "Aren't I the most ungrateful brat on the planet?" She began to hit him repeatedly, "I should be happy, right?"

"Reah," Damon said weakly, grabbing hold of her wrists and pulling her so close; they were nose to nose, their bodies brushing. "Shh," he kissed her forehead, "Don't, babe. You know I can't bear it."

"What makes you think I can?" Reah wept, her face buried in the crook of his neck, "What makes you think I can bear not being able to talk to my best friend? What makes you think I can bear being thought of as a drama queen by the one person I truly care about?"

Damon sighed, pulling away to cup Reah's face, tilting it up so he could look into her eyes, "I don't think you're a drama queen. You know that. It's just … it's hard for me to accept what happened in the summer. It hurts to think it happened to you. It hurts, Reah. I'm not talking about that pinch in the heart type of guilt pain, I'm talking about the real deal. Where I feel like I can't breathe, where I would rather have a thousand rugby players trample all over me. I just …"

Reah's eyes were wide, staring up at Damon. There was a sparkle in them that Damon had never been aware of; a light he hadn't believed existed in Reah. Why was there so much heat in the room all of a sudden? Why was his heart thumping wildly against his rib cage, signaling something? Why … why was he moving in closer ...

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