His Bright Smile
By Mell8

A.N. Warnings: Slash (M/M), blood, non-consensual sex.

He watched through lashes kept carefully covered over red colored irises; it wouldn't do to be hasty after all. He leaned casually against the bar, a half empty glass of whatever swill the bartender had given him in response to his grunt for a drink, didn't matter what, at his elbow. Props were important to keep those around him from becoming suspicious.

The crowd moved along, new faces taking the place of the old, and still he waited.

He heard the laughter first. Joyous and happy. Then he saw the flash of a bright smile, so much life in that face. The boy was young, had probably been carded at the door and then asked for an alternative form of ID to make sure the drivers license wasn't fake. And the boy probably smiled, good-natured and understanding, through the no doubt embarrassing process.


It took a while before the boy was alone. His friends only gradually left him to pursue their own interests for the night. One to chase skirts, one to chase ties, and another to drink himself to a stupor at the bar. It took even longer for the new friends the boy's smile had made to drift back to their own lives. But, finally, the boy was alone.

He pushed off the bar and drifted towards the boy. Unaware, the boy smiled at his approach, trying to catch his eyes with his own blue ones.

He didn't smile back, but before the boy could become nervous he opened his eyes. For a brief second red flashed through the room, power rolled, and then it was shuttered back behind half-closed lids.

The boy swayed, his own eyes filmed and distant.

"Join me," he said to the boy.

The boy nodded, head wobbly on his neck, and followed behind. He left the bar with the boy following unsteadily behind and walked the two blocks to his basement apartment. This wasn't the only property he owned and it certainly wasn't the nicest, but when he hunted in this town it was easiest to bring his prey here. He had been here for a few years now; this town had the perfect prey for him so he need not hunt elsewhere.

They walked down the steps, through the front door, and into the bedroom.

He sat in an armchair and watched the boy standing awkwardly in the doorway.

"Take off your shirt," he murmured to the boy, anticipation making it difficult to speak.

The boy complied, dropping his shirt to the floor before resuming his awkward hover.

"Come over to me, sit in my lap," he said, gesturing gently as if trying to corral a frightened animal. With the spell in place it was a rather useless sentiment, to be nice to his prey, but they fought less when he was nice.

The boy sat, bare chest with a small smattering of hair and cold-puckered nipples facing his own clothed chest.

"Good, now tilt your head like this," he said as he gently turned the boy's head to the side, "and don't move," he added with extra force.

The boy froze, barely breathing, as he obeyed the last command.

And then, he struck. Fangs sank deep into the boy's neck and blood welled, warm and as full of life as the boy. The vampire drank everything, the blood, the life, and the happiness, and smiled as his starved body began to respond.

The boy fought, it was a painful and degrading process, but the last bit of coercion held just enough that the vampire didn't have to restrain him.

When the vampire's cock started to rise in his pants, he drew away from the neck. He had enough blood to return his own body to life; taking more could be just as dangerous as not taking enough.

As the blood filled his body, the roiling power faded until it was manageable again. The vampire opened his eyes fully and when his power did not flash across the room he turned back to the boy.

The wound on his neck was almost closed, but he was faint from blood loss. The vampire picked up the boy and carried him to the bed. Once the boy was divested of his clothes, the vampire brought over some Vaseline.

It was easy to prepare the boy. And then, he was sliding home, warm erection filled with blood sliding into the boy's slicked passage.

They boy jerked back to life when the vampire came, no doubt feeling the odd sensation of something not human being released. It was an aphrodisiac, vampire cum, and it was a return balance of life to the one who had life taken from.

The boy moaned as his veins replaced the blood that had been taken and the aphrodisiac went to work. This time it was the boy who put the vampire's cock inside and it was the boy who came first, spilling across his own chest.

They both came, again and again and again, until the lifeblood was fully absorbed into the vampire's body and the erection faded. Then it was only the boy who came, stroking himself to completion until the effects of the aphrodisiac finally faded and the boy fell into sleep.

When dawn broke through the sky, the vampire woke the boy.

"You must go now, I believe?" the vampire asked.

"Oh, yeah. My friends'll be worried if I don't get back to the dorms soon. Thanks."

The vampire smiled in response. "I will see you in two weeks, Nick?"

"Of course! Same place, same time, same game," the boy added with his usual lively smile. "I wouldn't miss it."

Then, before the sun could rise high enough to shine damaging light through the door, Nick left. Back to his life in the human world with his human friends and human problems. And in two weeks he would return to the bar, anticipating the best sex in the world and a sexy vampire to do it with.