I wanted love, I needed love

Most of all, most of all

Someone said true love was dead

And I'm bound to fall, bound to fall for you

Oh what can I do?

Tighten Up – The Black Keys

Note: I don't own The Black Keys.

"And then what happened mummy?"

My head snapped up to see what the woman would say and I subconsciously pressed a hand to my stomach.

The woman smiled at her daughter and said "Well then they lived happily ever after."

"Really?" the little girl asked breathlessly.

"Of course sweetheart."

I snorted and Declan raised his eyebrows at me.

Please, I might be seven months pregnant but spare me the cutesy shit.

I rolled my eyes when the woman turned to glare at me and she started tugging her daughter away from where I was standing.


I hadn't meant to say that out loud obviously, but someone had to let the girl know the truth or she'd grow up and get her heart broken.

Shrugging I turned back to Declan to find him staring out the window again. I frowned at the back of his head, we had been in the bookstore for over an hour and a half and Declan had yet to say anything about why he'd asked me to meet him there, not that I minded. I was too busy flipping through baby name books.

At least I had been, until the woman and her daughter distracted me. I picked up another book and flipped it open. However the second I saw the name at the top of the page his face popped into my head. I silently cursed the woman and tried to think of something else. Of course he would be the first thing I thought about. He was the one that had warped my view on love after all.

Tossing the book aside I wandered over to the children's section and picked up the storybook the woman had been reading. Sleeping Beauty.

Of course.

I frowned at the book and for some reason started thinking about my friends. Strange as it may seem I couldn't think of one person I knew who had found "the one." Maybe there was someone I was overlooking but like they say "happy endings are just stories that haven't finished yet."

Now I know what you're thinking but I didn't use to have such cynical views on love. If you want to know the truth, up until four months ago I too believed that everyone could find "Mr./Ms. Right" if they looked hard enough. I'm sure my grandmother could even tell you about the copious amount of time I spent as a little girl daydreaming about my happy ending.

But lately whenever someone said "and they lived happily ever after" I'd found myself laughing. I find it strange that people still believe in happily ever afters. I mean sure that's the one constant in every fairytale you hear as a child but they're just stories. Think about it…

They always involve the same elements. Girl meets boy, falls madly in love, ends up married to him, and lives well… happily ever after. Sounds great, doesn't it?

Yeah, whatever.

At only nineteen, I've discovered that happily ever afters are overrated. Real life is a little more complicated and sometimes you just aren't meant to live happily ever after. Or maybe it's just me?

A/N: Before you ask, yes a version of this prologue was up before. I've been having computer issues though and because of that I asked reliving the future to post the next chapter of this. Unfortunately I forgot to tell her which version to post it under and she posted it under the original which is why some of you may have gotten an alert about it. She didn't realize it wasn't meant to be there until afterward. Then she tried to post it under the rewrite and somehow deleted the story instead. Oops. But I suppose that'll teach me to ask other people to post things for me won't it?

The "happy endings are just stories that haven't finished yet" quote is from Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

Chapter one will be up soon, fingers crossed.


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