Magic Boys

I remembered that night when I saw you I never thought anything more than just another one of Mike's beau. Once we started talking, I can't seem to get enough of you I was shy to approach you but I'm glad I didn't give up on you. Hours over hours, day by day we took baby steps, to communicate and to share our interest. Be it at discord or hanging out in Second Life. Each day I'm amazed with the similarity that both of us share the common interest. One day after another, as our love interests continue to grow I start to admire your honesty, playful and cheeky personality. Deep down I know, my feelings for you has started to grow. That brings me to the question, do you feel the same way too? That night when you started to open up to me and we have that deep conversation about the feelings you have for me, I'm glad we took the risk to express our love and give us a chance to be free which allow this wonderful and unique bond to develop, between you and me. Thank you for coming into my life and putting effort to make me feel special, babe.

I love you so much and I will always try to love you the way you deserve to be love.

I saw a magic in you

Someone special that I met

Day by day, the magic grew

A connection so deep

Our hearts swirling as one

Emotions guided by light

Swimming through mermen tears

Bubbles of joy reach the surface

A fantasy land covered in magic ice

Filled with pastries of mana

Donut and brownies we enjoy

The taste of love and friendship

A blooming rose, a gift of our passion

Sitting in the corner of home

We grow together, glowing bright

A whimsy light at our back

A place we call ours to be and to hold

Sitting by pillows, I hold you tight, as you hold me

I found my love, as I close my eyes

This dreamy feeling I cannot explain

As your scent fills this space

You are mine and I am yours

I never felt such bliss when I am with you

Our special corner, where we can be us

Magical boys in love, blushing and kisses

I love you babe, my special brownie

Your donut is here to stay...