Elements of Us

Another month with you

A joy every season

New adventures, a new us

Flame awakens on winters bench

Embracing passion as you reach for me

I hold you tight, warm candle flickering deep inside

Fire turns to ice, as elven steps through the snow

Cold hands on your chest, the ice melts

Human heart beating as water drips from your body

The flow of love, like rushing river

Secret lovers hidden away, frozen in time

New lands arise in Canadian woods

The fae born from earthen trees

Exploring the world, together as one

A stable home, foundation built on grapefruits

Shopping, loving, building, crashing through

The winds of change lead to lost realms

A forgotten reality back in time

An ancient city for kids to play

Running around, being silly, the air is calm

Elements of us, all as one

The best journey is always with you.