Pascal's Triangle

Triangles are easy. They have three angles, which add up to 180 degrees, they have three sides and there're so many rules already given to you. My triangle, however, isn't quite so simple. It's a thing called a 'love triangle' and it's freaking the hell out of me.

'So, Pascal, had a fun weekend I hear.'

'Shut the fuck up, Enid.'

'But it's so exciting! You lost your virginity!'

It was a Monday, the Monday after a rather confusing and rowdy weekend and I was at school during lunch with my friend, Enid. Enid, loved to talk. Anything and everything, she'd blab on and on and on and on. This revelation, unfortunately, was some of the stuff she loved even more to discuss.

'So Matt Gray, huh? Was he good?'

'Can we not talk about this? Here? Please? Oh shit, he's walking this way now! Hide me!'

Matt Gray, the man/boy/human being I had lost my virginity to, was indeed walking my way. As he came inching closer my heat rate sped up a little, I could feel my face getting slightly redder and then...

Okay, so you may be curious as to who exactly this Matt Gray is and how I ended up in this circumstance. Well, here's the background.

Saturday night, Enid and I decided to be hell rebellious (note the sarcasm) and drink at her place. Her parents were away and we were bored. We stole a few bottles of wine from her parents vast collection, hoping they'd never notice them gone. After a few hours we were off our faces, and bored out of our minds again.

'Hey, I know what we can do! You know what we should do? Crash Allan Tyne's party! I have the address and it's not too far to walk,' Enid suggested. Allan Tyne was the sort of leader of the 'alternative' people at school. They had the same sort of heirarchy as the 'popular' people, but they had piercings, crazy hair and tattoos to make them 'different'.

'How do you have his address, exactly?'

'Facebook. Duh,' she looked at me as if I was the insane one.

'Sure, why not.'

I'm not too sure why I agreed to go, but half an hours walk later, we were drunkenly stumbling up Allan's driveway.

The rest of the night from that point is a blur. I remember drinking more, hooking up with two other people, one a girl from my history class, the other some 20-something guy, and of course, bits of the now infamous liaison with Matt.

How I met him, I don't remember. All I remember was his tongue shoved down my mouth with his hands rubbing my breasts and my arse. Pretty crude way of putting it, but it's how I remember it truthfully.

We then somehow ended up in a shed with a mattress. He undressed me then himself and before you know he was inside of me. As he went on thrusting inside of me all I could think was 'fuck, this is painful' and that something important was missing. Something like... a condom! At that point I made him stop and he went to put one on. I freaked out a little bit I must admit. My god, what if I have an STI now? I'm not on the pill, what if that was enough to get my pregnant? SHIT! Before I could get freaked out enough to leave, he came back. From then on, it was an awkward tangle of limbs and tongues before I passed out naked, on a mattress, in a shed, in some person's backyard. As you can tell, the experience was an oh-so-romantic one. Not.

The next morning was surreal. I didn't know how I had ended up there and who I was with. So I quickly got my clothes on and ran like hell away from the house. I was wandering around for about an hour before I finally found my place. I walked in the house and thankfully my parents were still in bed. I found a toilet and proceeded to spend the rest of the morning throwing up the contents of my stomach.

So that's the amazingly glamorous story of how I lost my virginity. Now, where were we? Oh yes, so Matt's walking my way and then... he keeps walking. No nod, no glance, no recognition whatsoever. Wow. Hey, I'm the one that left him! Do I not deserve at least a glance or something! You did take my virginity! Dude, what a bitch!