The bright orange fire gently crackles, the warmth illuminating the side of his cheek, his lopsided baseball cap. The gentle strum of the guitar is soothing, playing a faint tune. The soft summer breeze blows his blonde fringe to one side, blows ever so softly, like a gentle whisper. For a moment, my gaze meets his, his sea blue eyes looking deep into mine. The fire fades out and the campsite is illuminated by the lunar light, and the thousands of stars in the night sky. "You know I love you, Crystal" My heart does a somersault. Then he starts to strum out another song on his guitar, and starts singing. "Her hair, her hair, falls perfectly without her trying…" This is the best moment of my life, and I'm trying to keep hold of it, every last second…

I jolt upright, shaking the white duvet off. I can't stop thinking about him. Tears start to brim in my eyes, I never even got to say goodbye to him. It was decided so suddenly after that; it was a very brief funeral, it was decided that I would be sent to this place immediately, and I couldn't keep any of my parent's or sister's possessions. Because my parents bought all my things, I wasn't allowed to take anything. I grab my locket and squeeze it hard. One side has a photo of all of us as a happy family, the other side- a Japanese haiku:

A gem shines,

At its best

When it is happy

That has forever been my motto- Especially since my parent's death. I have never known much about my family; only the fact I had a mum, a dad, one sister, Emerald, who died, and another sister, Sapphire, who ran away. "Watcha doing?" A loud voice calls from behind me, making me jump. I quickly snap the locket shut, turn to him and stammer "N..N..Nothing, why?" Then I see not one face, but two. River and Hunter, the two mischievous twins of the orphanage. I raise an eyebrow at them, then see the only difference. "River, Hunter…" I growl. They quickly scurry off, when a big, tall lady comes in.

"Crystal!" she bellows. I jump down off my bed and warily approach her. "Get dressed, and fast! You're going to a new home" I put on my jeans, trainers and jacket in record time. Excitement is virtually eating me alive…

Author's Note

sorry for the short first chapter!