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There is a strange silence in the car. They don't seem at all like I imagined they would be. The slightest howl of the wind sends shivers down my spine. The silence is deathly, nobody speaking to anybody. Especially not to him, my new foster brother. It is then I see where we are. My heart misses a beat. This is exactly the area where Sapphire ran away to. I am so busy willing and wishing for her to come and rescue me, I don't notice everybody getting out of the car.

By time I realise, it is too late. I scramble out of the car, put my rucksack on, and run as fast as I can. Then something catches my attention. It is a girl with misty blue eyes and hair as blue as the sky. I open my locket and stare at the family photo. The girl is unmistakably Sapphire. I don't know whether she will recognise me, last time she saw me, I was seven and she was nine.

I doubt she will, but it's worth a shot. I run in completely the opposite direction, shouting "Sapphire! Please come! Sapphire!" But she doesn't hear me. I reach out to her, but I trip and fall over.

She merely ignores me and walks away. I get up, when I feel a tremendous pain in my leg, so bad that it makes me fall over again. It is then I black out from the pain.

When I wake up, I am lying on a soft bed, looking up at a ceiling. I hear somebody come in, and attempt to sit up. The person in the room says "Stay in bed for today and just take it easy tomorrow, Crystal" I tense up. How does this person know my name?

Then I see her. A girl with blue hair and blue eyes. She shoots me a warm, friendly smile when I look at her. She comes up to me, says "I'm sorry; I didn't run away on you. I got kidnapped and he wrote a runaway note to my parents. He brought me up here, and I've been here ever since. How's Emerald, and how are you?"

This is what I was hoping wouldn't happen. As well as having to explain it to Sapphire, I can't tell Emerald and my parents that I found Sapphire. But, I wouldn't have found her if it wasn't for the accident.

"Emerald is…" I start, but I can't tell Sapphire. It's supposed to be a happy reunion. I'll tell her when the timing's right. "Just fine"

Sapphire smiles and walks out of the room. That is when I start to feel guilty. The lie has been told, now I have to stick with it…"