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In the mountains they lived, and roamed as far as the valley. 'Savages' the Gray Hair would call them.

The Gray Hair had come in little by little. They never claimed to be at peace with the people -the savages- but they didn't claim to be against them, either. With them the Gray Hair's brought their singular God, and their strange customs and ways. It seemed that the Savages were always in a constant state of limbo with the Gray Hair; until that is, one day they truly found out where they stood with the Gray Hair.

This is their story. Of course when I say their story, I mean mine and my people- of how two nations were brought together, despite all the odds against them. A union formed under love, faith, and understanding. This is a story of how my people came to be as a great nation, by the means of Yeshua.

Indian Man

My people don't like to talk about that day. "It was the day they took our light and future away", the old ones say. The day was just ending; the hunters had come in with two white tailed deer, two wild boars, and a small wild cat. We ate our evening meal in our communion hut, as we always did. When darkness had finally descended upon us, the first night watch went out while the rest went to sleep. I went in to my family's hut.

During the darkest part of the night it happened. That is where that real story begins.

The Gray Hair came and ransacked our whole village, knocking over anyone or anything that got in their way. No one knew what was going on. Children were running around looking for their mothers. My father ran out of our hut and told my mother and I to stay in. I watched all that was going on as I peeked out the opening of the hut. And then, out of the corner of my eye, a large horse caught my attention. I turned my head and saw a young but large Gray Hair holding a moving blanket. With the blanket was secure in his arms, he yelled something to his men and took off in the night, never looking back. I stared for a moment at where the Gray Hairs had been just a few moments ago before my attention was caught by the hut that stood besides the clearing.

The hut seemed like such a quiet place. When I think of it now, it seems funny to think that this one little hut was a quiet place in the midst of what my people consider to be a great massacre. And just like that, there he was. A man standing outside the hut. He was looking dead at me. He was not like the others; he was not white man. And yet there was this bright white light that was shining all around him that seemed to be coming out of his skin.

Dressed just as I would have been in the winter season, and yet it was not the winter season. This unknown man lured me in with his eyes. Then, just as any normal man would, he raised his right hand to me. Palm facing me as a sign of peace, then pulling his hand back to his ear, telling me to come forward. I leapt up to my feet and ran towards him. I don't really know why I ran towards him, but something about him called to me. I knew at that moment that I just had to go to him. Once I reached him he pointed me to the inside of the hut. I looked at the open flap and then the man again, but he had vanished, like the wind had just swept him away. I had a strange feeling that from the moment I walked into that hut the lives of my people would change in a drastic way.

As I walked inside the hut, the dead body of Mai , the mother of my best friend, and an empty baby brace greeted me. I collapsed on the floor as I heard my name being called. My best friend, Mai's oldest son, ha just walked in. I could hear nothing but the constant screaming that filled the hut, and I could not tear my eyes away from the empty baby brace.