Chapter 1: Some Dreams Are Hard to Forget

Sixteen Years Later

"Father! Father!'

Staring at her father, Elinor realized just how much her father was interested in Tom Fisher's new blood mare. He'd been talking with Tom for the past forty-five minutes.

Laughing to herself, Elinor made her way over to her father and Tom. It was just like her father to make a hasty decision on buying a horse.

"Well now, Tom, she is a very fine mare that she is. And you say she comes from Tonney the Lion Hearts stock?"

"That she does, John. She's one of the best this world's ever gonna see. I'm sure of that."

"And you say she rides fast?"

"Faster than my eyes can keep up anymore, that's for sure."

The rumbling laughter from both men made a larger smile spread across Elinor's face as she drew up next to each of the men, who were standing next to the fine blood mare.

"Father, Mr. Fisher, now what has you two laughing and conversing over here in the company of this fine blood mare?"

Both men turned to gaze upon the young Elinor's face.

Elinor Mitila Johnson had attracted many a man's attention in the town, and wherever she traveled glances of admiration were directed towards her. Most all the attention was unwarranted. There were only two men that she cared about, them being her father, and her best friend since childhood who had since turned into her unofficial body guard.

Little did she know the Johnson and Taylor boys were watching her on the other side of the long, narrow dusty road. Normally, young men staring at her would not be thought of as something rude or scary, but those who knew these boys knew that there could be no good coming from them. Especially with the looks they were sending Miss Elinors way.

Indian Man

Waking up in a cold sweat was not one of his favorite things in life.

He had been having the dream much more frequently than he used to. Granted he had had them since the day that she had been taken from the hut. But the dreams had become much more vivid these past few months and longer. The dream not just about the day that she had been taken. Recently he'd dreamed of her as she would look right now, at sixteen years of age, though her body did not have the appearance of any girl he knew. She had the body of a full-fledged, curvaceous woman. He blamed that on his rather vivid imagination, and the consuming need to take himself a wife.

Shaking off these thoughts was becoming rather tiresome, as is such when the same nagging feeling occurs every night. So, as cycles would have, he went outside to walk around in the mountains; to think, to breathe, and most of all to search. For what, he did not know. But every night as his dream was coming to a close, a voice would speak to him, saying, "Go out into the mountains of many arrows and look." After that, he would lie awake and try to fight off what the voice had told him to do, and calm down. But he never won.

"Look", he scoffed. "What…..what am I supposed to be looking for?" he yelled, as if some one was standing right beside him.

That's when he heard them. The screams.

Sounds. All sorts of sounds: screaming, running, panting, but the worst…the worst was the laughter.