When rain falls gently down
on Utopia's cement,
everything feels so wrong.
But, oh, how I love a rainy day.
I catch raindrops with my tongue,
cherishing the taste.

You stand across from me,
I wonder why you're still here.
This is not your place,
nor is it mine.
I guess we're both just stuck,
lost in yesterday's fantasies.

You stand far away, but darling,
I can see that melancholy smile.
The moment of truth,
but can I let go?
This place is so beautiful…
And you make it so.

But I guess goodbye's the answer,
and I'll say it just for you.
I'll bid adieu this dream,
I'll settle for bittersweet confusion,
a life of uncertainty and hopelessness.
But I know I'll be okay.

My eyes glisten,
and you ask me why.
Oh, handsome darling,
you don't want to know why…