Preview to The Unspoken Rule

I never really understood faucets. They were just simple appliances that you could buy to wash dishes with. So what I didn't understand was why my parents were taking so much consideration into which faucet they purchased.

"What about this one, it comes with a soap pump?"

"I don't think it'll fit."

"Okay, how about this one?"

"It needs to be made of brass."

After a few more minutes of looking at the faucets, my parents finally picked one out. I honestly couldn't tell the difference between all the selections. We paid for it and returned home that Friday evening. Upon my returning home, I slipped into my pajamas and turned on my XBOX. It was time to play. I played for a few hours, then went to bed, feeling tired.

The following Monday, I got ready for school like normal. After I showered, I brushed my hair before my mirror. My reflection revealed a young teen girl, with straight brown hair, and matching eyes. I had glasses and braces, giving me that stereotypical 'nerd' look. I finished combing out the tangles, grabbed a package of Poptarts and headed out the door. My dad drove me to the bus stop, where I waited. Laura soon walked up to me, where we chatted. The big yellow vehicle pulled up to us, and we piled on. I searched the seats for a spot for me. Eventually, I found one, next to some random guy I didn't know. I sat beside him, and we were at the highschool within minutes.

I pulled my coat around me tighter as I walked through the front doors of the building. Warmth greeted me when I entered, and I headed towards my locker. I pulled out my necessary books and slammed the door shut. I went to my first period room and took my seat. I was about ten minutes early, I was never late. My friend Laura soon entered the classroom, carrying her textbooks. She came over to my desk. I pulled out the Poptarts and she took one. It was something we did to make us look forward to school mornings.

"Hey," She greeted me, her mouth full of food.


She brushed some of her brown hair behind her ears. "You ready for exams later this week?"

"Oh yeah," I told her sarcastically. "Bring them on."

She laughed. "Hey, you wanna spend the night this Friday night?"

I looked at my mental calendar. Friday was free of any plans.

"Sure, sounds good."


The bell rang and Laura took her assigned seat.

Spending the night at Laura's usually consisted of inside jokes and many laughs. We were always cracking up when we hung out. Little did I know that this overnight would be the cause of many complications to come.