Chapter 2

"A pair of 9's please."

"That'll be one dollar."

I handed the man a bill and he handed me my skates.

We were at the local roller skating rink. Lights were flashing out of control, and kids were skating around everywhere. I found an empty bench and laced up my skates. Laura rolled up to me, having complete control. I hadn't skated in years, so I was bound to look like an elephant on wheels.

I carefully stood up, trying to balance on the wheels. I wobbled some and I tried to control myself. Laura laughed and grabbed my arm, steadying me. She turned her green eyes at me. "You'll be fine." She assured me.

I managed to put a smile on my face and together we rolled out into the main rink. The music was pumping out of the speakers, and teens were everywhere doing laps.

"Look at Jake over there." Her face contorted into a look of disgust.

I followed her gaze and saw what she did. Her older brother Jake was hanging out with his girlfriend, having a little too much fun. They were holding hands, both of them smiling. Jake had his lips on the girl's, both of them close to each other. Laura pretended to gag. I rolled my eyes and took a slow lap around the rink. Jake rolled up beside us, a mischievous look on his face.

He rolled dangerously close to Laura, any closer and she would wipe out.

"Jake, go roll all over your girlfriend or something." Laura told him.

He shook his head. "I'm having too much fun pestering you."

Laura snarled at her sibling. He ignored it and looked at me. "Hey Maria."

"Hi Jake."

Laura looked at Jake in disbelief. "How come you respect her more than me?"

"Because, she's actually nice." He smirked at Laura, who was now crossing glaring at him, and winked at me.

Wait, did he just seriously wink at me? He never did that to me when I was with Laura.

He sped away from us, his blonde hair getting tossed in the air.

"I hate him." She stated, obviously still angry.

I shrugged. He didn't seem that bad.

We skated for a while longer, and Laura's brother drove us to her house. I followed Laura into her room.

"What do you wanna do?" She asked me.

"Play some Wii?"


We went through her living room, then down the short flight of stairs to her basement. With a giant TV and killer stereo system, Laura's basement was in all sense of the word-amazing. Jake was down there, playing Black Ops.

"Jake, we wanna play Wii."

He didn't budge.

I sat beside him on the couch. "Intervention? I hate sniper rifles."

He rolled his eyes. "Maybe you hate sniper rifles because you're bad at shooting."

"I'm not bad at shooting! My RPD can take you down!" I exclaimed.

He turned away from the game and cocked an eyebrow, challenging me.

"Guys," Laura interjected.

"Bring it." Jake told me.

"Guys?" She asked.

I ignored her. It was time he learned a lesson. I grabbed a nearby controller and turned it on.

"Will do." I told him confidently. He set his blue eyes on the screen again.

Laura sighed and sat in a chair by the TV. He set up the game, and we were playing within a few moments. I chewed on my lip. Jake was good, but I was better. I pulled the left trigger, zooming in on him. He was perfectly between my crosshairs, unaware. I squeezed the right trigger, a shower of RPD bullets heading his way. He was killed on screen, earning a grunt from him beside me.

I smirked at him. "When you're ready to really start playing, you tell me."

He narrowed his eyes at me.

I blew off his gesture and killed him a few more times throughout the game. The match ended after a few minutes, posting the results on the TV. I had 25 kills, he had 15.

"Powned!" I told him, satisfied.

"You got lucky. Our scores were close."

I shook my head no. "Close only counts in horseshoes and throwing grenades."

He had no retort for that one.

"Come on Jake, please let us play." Laura practically pleaded.

"Fine," He grumbled. Laura went to the TV to turn on the Wii. He stood up, and whispered so only I could hear. "Until next time."

He ascended the stairs, leaving me confused.

He meant for us to play video games next time, right?

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