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"Alright class, turn to page three-hundred-ninety-two of your books" said the Professor as he walked around his desk to the front where he was now leaning.

Alexis Matri sat in the first row, right in front of the desk.

She was what most people would call the 'teacher's pet' though she didn't really suck up to the teacher, he just took an immediate liking to her.

"Professor Ross?" Alexis said, raising her hand slightly.

He turned his stunning deep green eyes on her and smiled his gorgeous crooked smile.

"Yes, Alexis?" came his deep voice.

"I don't get it, the law of physics makes no sense." she replied, though she understood it perfectly, she just wanted a good excuse to hear his voice.

The professor walked forward and leaned down in front of her, and went on explaining to her quietly.

"Alexis, will you come here for a moment." said the professor, as she stood up to gather her books once the class ended.

Once she had all her books in her bag, she set it on the desk and walked up to her professor.

"Yes professor?" she asked, looking at him.

"Lexi, I know you know the law of physics inside and out, what was up earlier?"

She shrugs.

"I guess I forgot?"

He takes a deep breath and finishes stacking the papers on his desk, then he walks around to stand in front of her.

She takes a deep breath and smiles sweetly at him.


"You can call me Kieran, after class." he adds.

She blushes slightly and smiles again.

"Okay, Mr. Kieran, can I treat you to a cup of coffee?" she asks, as she succeeded in getting him off track about earlier.

He grins.

"Sounds lovely, I'd be glad to join you."

She smiles, then walks over and grabs her bag.


"I'll meet you at the coffee place downtown in say, ten minutes?" Kieran says just as Alexis reaches the door.

She turns and smiles, "Alright!" then opens the door and walks out.